( Website Contains Malware And Viruses

From time to time I check visitor referrals to In particular today I noticed someone detailing the website / / IP: (DO NOT VISIT) as the source of the FBI related ransomware infection, FBI Moneypak (Citadel Reveton).

Source: FBI Malware Site

I then researched and notice they have been reported to contain malware as far back as January 27th, 2009.


Stay away from

Next I visited using Aurora web browser (below). Upon loading the website many third party scripts ran, popups wanted to occur, and an uncommon amount of data was transferred. Simply by visiting the homepage.

World Guns Virus

In conclusion I urge gun entuhisiest and internet users to stay away from and at all costs. These ransomware infections which can be contracted from are extremely dangerous. Though I can not say for certain the operators behind World Guns/Modern Firearms are the perpetrators, it is certainly suspicious that malware has been distributed on their website for many years.

Common Ransomware Infections:



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    I have emailed the webmaster and creator of Modern Firearms about this. I said he might want to email you about it, so you might want to look out for an email from an, with the name “Max Popenker”.