Malware Phishing Scam Alert From Skype Phone Number (661) 748 0240

What is phone number (661) 748 0240?

Phone number 6617480240 is a default phone number for Skype users similar to 6617480241.

(661) 748 0240 appears on outbound calls for Skype users who have not set up their Skype caller ID yet and is also utilized by cyber criminals to promote malware and iniatate other scams.

661-748-0240 scam

What is Skype?

Skype is a popular software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet.

Phishing Attempts from (661) 748 – 0240

Many phishing attempts have been made by criminals utilizing social engineering from the phone number (661) 748 0240 in attempt to gain trust and/or persuade unsuspecting victims to start a remote connection to the individuals computer system or other form of criminal behavior including extortion.

Phishing Phone Calls

  • Criminals will often call unsuspecting victims falsely claiming to be from Microsoft or the computer users internet service provider, etc. (check comments)
  • Criminals are noted to use personal information in phone calls.
  • In rare cases existing malware has infecting the computer system, including spyware and Trojans. Data collected by existing spyware and/or Trojans may be used in phone calls, and is often the first sign of an infection. Data may include phone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, identification numbers, financial information, and more. 

What to do if 6617480240 calls you

Unless you are experienced with using Skype, if you receive an anonymous phone call from the phone number (661) 748 0240 ignore it. There may also be additional options made available by your service provider as to block or restrict the telephone number.

If you suspect your computer is infected with malware, it is strongly recommended to eradicate malicious files using reputable software.

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FBI Links:
— E-Scams | Internet Fraud
— FBI Cyber Crime Webpage

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