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Phone calls from (661) 748 0240

Malware Phishing Scam Alert From Skype Phone Number (661) 748 0240

What is phone number (661) 748 0240?

Phone number 6617480240 is a default phone number for Skype users similar to 6617480241.

(661) 748 0240 appears on outbound calls for Skype users who have not set up their Skype caller ID yet and is also utilized by cyber criminals to promote malware and iniatate other scams.

661-748-0240 scam

What is Skype?

Skype is a popular software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet.

Phishing Attempts from (661) 748 – 0240

Many phishing attempts have been made by criminals utilizing social engineering from the phone number (661) 748 0240 in attempt to gain trust and/or persuade unsuspecting victims to start a remote connection to the individuals computer system or other form of criminal behavior including extortion.

Phishing Phone Calls

  • Criminals will often call unsuspecting victims falsely claiming to be from Microsoft or the computer users internet service provider, etc. (check comments)
  • Criminals are noted to use personal information in phone calls.
  • In rare cases existing malware has infecting the computer system, including spyware and Trojans. Data collected by existing spyware and/or Trojans may be used in phone calls, and is often the first sign of an infection. Data may include phone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, identification numbers, financial information, and more. 

What to do if 6617480240 calls you

Unless you are experienced with using Skype, if you receive an anonymous phone call from the phone number (661) 748 0240 ignore it. There may also be additional options made available by your service provider as to block or restrict the telephone number.

If you suspect your computer is infected with malware, it is strongly recommended to eradicate malicious files using reputable software.

— View malware removal software

FBI Links:
— E-Scams | Internet Fraud
— FBI Cyber Crime Webpage

Please document your experience with phone number 6617480240 in the comments below.

Jared Harrison

Jared Harrison is an accomplished tech author and entrepreneur, bringing forth over 20 years of extensive expertise in cybersecurity, privacy, malware, Google Analytics, online marketing, and various other tech domains. He has made significant contributions to the industry and has been featured in multiple esteemed publications. Jared is widely recognized for his keen intellect and innovative insights, earning him a reputation as a respected figure in the tech community.

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  • SCAM ALERT – SEPT. 2016 —-This number just phoned my work line. Caller is male with foreign accent. He stated his name is Robert Jensen and some garbled message about me attending an annual convention in Palm Springs 2016 in Oct. and he would like to talk to me about it. He gave this number to call, (866) 319-3976. I don’t attend conventions. BEWARE

  • on 4/28th/16. Mark Willams called me on this number. He say to me, he was from Micosoft people He said to me to send him $2500. His code name was Lucy. Some how he get into my bank accounts took all of my money out from my checking & saving accounts. He called me form different phone numbers. I keep the phone numbers on my caller I.D.. If you are victim of scam calls. PLEASE MAKE A POLICE REPORT. right away. Call your state local F.B.I. & other important people will help you. He kept calling me. I did change my both accounts & my phone number. On may 2nd, around 8:00 A.M. this man called me that he have a warrant for my arrest & I be in prison . for 3 to 5 years. He really scared me. He ask for $1000. I told him this “I don’t have that type of money.” He said to me the police is coming to arrest me.. I called my son & gave him the phone number. He look up this phone # 1-208-453-9871 from Caldwell Id. My son called me back & said that phone number was resident phone number.My son gave me some tips he told me to ask him his bradge # & his supervisior name & which department he work at. That same day he call back & threat me again about going to prison. I ask those questions to him. he just gave me a fake I.D. number. He didn’t gave the answers to the other 2 questions. Beware of those people who trying to scam you.

  • They claim they are from Dell and want to know how my computer is working. They have a deep midwestern accent. I have gotten no less than 4 calls now. I added them to my contact list so I can decline them next time.

  • called me twice on my land line – did not answer; then called my cell phone! also did not answer. too creepy; obviously, not a random dial.

  • i am so sick of these son of bitches calling me & bothering me. i have my number blocked but it did show the above number & say skype caller. i’m thinking about changing my number somewhat. they have told me that my computer will be hacked & i hesitate to enter e-mail address

  • I received two calls in quick succession- no message left. Thankfully I’m at work, where I don’t take personal calls except from family.

  • Received two calls, they knew my name, called me on my work phone, they wanted me to update my antivirus. I played along and they had me go to TeamViewer com to let them connect with my linux box and I told them I was having technical problems and asked for a call back number.

    They said don’t worry they will call me back… I asked again for a call back number because I was very busy and he said that he needed to go and would call back.

    Next call I was a bit busy and I didn’t have time to play around so I told them to take me off the list or I will report them.

    I’ve added the number to the reject list in my phone since I’m sure they’ll try again.

  • They called me 3 times late around 1130am from the 6617480204. The voice Mail I could not understand the talking in the background. Crooks trying to scram someone! Block the number

  • I got a call from the number is was a few people talking in the back! It was someone trying to run a scam! Just block the number.

  • Received call on landline from Skype caller, very heavy Indian accent, can”t understand most of what he said. He said was from computer services and that I have a refund coming. Told him if has refund to mail it to me and hung up. Then he calls back on my cell, and knows my name. How did he get all my personal info?? This is obviously a scam, so don;t answer.

  • Creeper call from 661-748-0240. Rang to my landline and then they hung up. I called it back and it said Skype User.

  • This number called me and a woman said “your calling the hotel” i said “what” she said it again and i said ” im not calling anyone”. She said “the woman at the desk said you have called six times” then a man got on and said “this is the deputy of kern county” i said goobye n hung up. Very odd phn call

    • I add these kinds of numbers to my blocked list on my cell and my home phone. Sure saves the headaches as the caller gets a half ring and returned silence on his end. :o)

  • This number just called me and I answered out of curiosity. I told him he had the wrong number, he became hostile and threatened me. I reported it to the FCC and am following up with State Police to be on the safe side.

  • I received a call from this number after I placed an order online. I did not answer it. I’m a butthead to order online to unknown places

  • I received a phone call form 6617480240 at 1:30 am on my cell phone.when I answered the phone they said nothing on the other end. I tried to call back and it said it was a skype number. I honestly think that the legal system needs to make punishment more harsh, too stop these internet assholes.

  • Received call from this number while at work on my cell, ignored it. When I get #’s I don’t recognize, I ignore them and let them go straight to voicemail, if it is important, they will leave a voicemail. I also go online and google the number to see who or what business just called.

  • I just received 2 phone calls (on my home landline) from the number 661-748-0240. At first, I thought it was a joke because my husband is away and I thought it might be him (or a buddy) playing a joke – using a British accent and saying how much he missed me, etc. and can’t wait to see me. It was weird, though, so I hung up. The number called right back, and I thought it was him apologizing and laughing, but it was the same British accent, and the man got very vulgar on the phone. After I hung up, I googled the number and found this site. Hope nothing is infected with malware; not sure how it works.

    • same here.Legit Skype call Europe to US.Family member. Guess it’s used by scammers as well though.If it’s legit they’ll leave a message

  • July 18, 2014: 3 calls from 611-748-0240 today: 1:21 PM; 1:23 PM; 1:26PM. Was away, so didn’t talk to anyone. Cannot (and I am glad) return the calls from my landline.

  • The call that registered as this telephone # from our Caller ID reads “Elite , Geek1”. We received four calls today. These were first time calls by this name, with no message left on our voice mail. However, we have received calls that register as “Skype Caller” from 661-748-0240. Typical of scam callers, no message is left. We never pick up our landline, even when we are home, and we leave our cell phones off.

  • A number “skype number” (661) 748-0240 called me on 6/11/14 pretending to work for an agency/ federal court system which arranges times and dates when someone is going to be served with lawsuit papers. He pretended to work there knew my old address and was able to refer back to some medicinal products we had bought last year. He said that this company was suing me because I didn’t go through with the contract even though it was verbal and over the phone. I told this person named Juan Mendoza ( spoke to me only in Spanish and did not seem to understand English) that I did not agree to such thing. He then proceeded to inform me that they had a recording of me agreeing to this. I told him that I would never purchase anything else from this company, and he proceeded to lecture me about buying things over the phone and how telemarketers trick customers into agreeing to things that they do not need. He also said that he had a return slip for a second package that was sent to me, which I never agreed to purchase or to receive from the post office, as the package was never picked up and was returned to the company. He said he needed to confirm my new address because a police officer was going to come to my home and serve me with lawsuit papers and he needed to know the time that I would be home in order to receive such papers. I told him that I needed a number to call him back as I needed to speak with my husband. He said he didn’t have one and that if I tried to call back to this (661) 748-0240, that the call wouldn’t go through as it was a federal building. He agreed to call me back in 30 mins. He actually did end up calling back, this time with a bogus name of the supposedly company, as well as with this phone # (786) 465-2358, an gave me the name of the supposedly manager that was suing me as Fausto Hernandez. I called him out on his crap, and he got defensive with me, and harassed me saying that the cops were going to show up to my house in the morning to serve me with the lawsuit papers. I researched the 661 area code number and found out that it is used to scam people, as well as when you try to call it, it says it is a skype number. My husband and I also tried to call the Fausto guy and no one answers. The phone just rings and rings. This supposedly investigator Juan Mendoza said he would call me back in the evening and never did. My husband was awaiting his call to tell him off. We also reported this to the police and have all numbers and names to them. They confirmed that it is a scam! Do not give any personal info to these piece of crap people and call them out! They are trying to take advantage of people by harassing and intimidating.

  • I just got a call @ 8pm on 6/11/2014.
    I did not answer it when I saw SKYPE CALLER in the ID.
    They left no voice message either.
    What do I need to do to stop it?

  • missed call from this number, didn’t leave a message but phone says it is from palmdale area? who knows what scam it is, with the amount of crooks out there.

  • This number 661-748-0240 showing Skype Caller called our office yesterday at 4:55 wanting to speak to someone in sales. He claimed he was in the Phillipines and they had a big project so I gave him the name, phone & email of our international sales agent. I normally look up weird caller ID stuff but it was late & I was trying to get the office shut down. My sales agent hasn’t heard from him yet, but I did notify him that this person & number is bogus.

  • Just got a call from this number. Dude said he was Garry Strauss from Live PC Connect and someone was trying to hack into my email. He wanted me to log out of my email and was going to give me a URL so he could access my computer supposedly to correct the problem or add additional security. I asked him what email but he couldn’t tell me which of course raised suspicions. How could he say someone is hacking into my email when he can’t tell me which email account? I told him I was going to call him back through Live PC Connect tech support from the number I already had through a reliable source. I called the toll free number for tech support and of course they verified they did not try to call me and there was no Gary Strauss working for them. Needless to say, this was certainly a scam

  • This number calls my home phone every day….I do not pick up…but they don’t give up either…All it says in caller id is Skype …and then the number….

  • I received a call from Skype Caller 1-661-748-0240 tonight claiming to be from Dish network and asking for receiver numbers, I told them I would call dish direct and hung up, heavy Indian accent.

  • I revived a call from a similar number it was (661) 748-0241 claiming I had malware and needed a remote connection to fix it. I hung up and called back it could not go thru because it was a skype user.

  • I received this call from a guy telling me that he saw my kitten at some elementary school
    When I texted to this number or call , no response at all

  • I received a phone call from the above number. the man speaking was from India .he confirmed my street address.
    I am very concerned about this

  • Thank goodness for this web site. I’ve been getting calls today at my office and on my iPhone from this number but didn’t answer since I didn’t recognize it. Bastards!

  • Currently, on a Tuesday afternoon (January 14) I am being ASSAULTED by both this number (661-748-0240) and 661-748-0241. It has rung my cell phone five times, already, and is simultaneously calling my house phone. I wonder if this is a result of the recent Target security breach, as I was one of its victims.

    I wonder when they’ll stop?

    • I keep getting the call from these numbers too. I ignore it, but I’m not sure what to do. Also 9547166288 keeps calling. I also was apart of the target scam

  • Received a skype call on my cell phone at 2:22 am from 6617480240 and didn’t answer it, I was asleep at that time

  • I just got a call from this number from my iPhone, not my PC. I did not pick up – I never pick up numbers that I don’t recognize. This is the first and I hope last time they call.

  • A man with a heavy Hispanic accent started talking – and the one thing I understood him to say was “Windows computer”. I told him I could not understand him, but that I did NOT have a Windows computer (and I don’t). Caller ID listed it as SKYPE CALLER

  • Received multi. communications from a man supposedly from a dating website. Nothing added up so I googled his number and it the number above. I immediately contacted website he supposedly found my information from. Have also blocked this number from calling me.

  • I don’t have skype but, received a call from this number a “skype user” it said. When I answered there was no reply. My VCR had began to take the call when I picked up, but they didn’t leave a msg.

  • I received a call from 661-748-0240 they said they were from my TV provider and they knew I had a bundled service for my phone, tv and internet. They asked for my tv receiver #s and said a technician would call me in 30 minutes. I decided not to answer the second call and they called 4 times one right after the other a they knew I was home and then the phone # came up and they called to more times again, right after another. 6 calls and when I didn’t answer they quit. I called my TV provider service and they had not authorized anyone to call me even though the person said they were from that company. Thankfully, I figured it out before I picked up the second call from them. Something just didn’t seem right.

  • this number called twice at 5:03 and 5:05 pm July 4th ! Fourth of July! I did not answer. No message left.

  • Just got a call from this number Sounded like an India call center. Ask for me by name I asked who was calling He said UPS. Then asked for me by name again. I said yes and he hung up.

  • I received a call from this number at 9:30pm on my cell and ignored it. Is it coincidence that I had just missed a call on skype from a well known friend?

  • I got 39 calls from this number (661-748-0240) between midnight and 1am on my cell phone. There was background noise but no real message. I went to my cell phone account on line and blocked this number.

  • called me regarding a taxation grant amount in 7000 yet you had to pay three hundred dollars I hope that they get there asses

  • Someone from this number calls me 4 or 5 times a day. Messages garbled, can’t make them out. Very annoying. i answered the phone, not knowing and tried to call back after several calls to tell them they had a wrong number, but could not call a skype #

  • I received and ignored a call from this number today. Was also, coincidentally, the first day I’ve used Skype in a couple of months.

  • Grandmother received a call from this number this morning — caller stated that they were friends with her grandson (caller used grandon’s specific name), and that he was in jail in Richmond, VA. Caller stated the grandson needed money for bail. Caller asked her specifically to not tell anyone, and that they would call back to ensure the grandson received money from her.

    Will recommend blocking the number. Any other methods to use or be aware of?

  • I suggest everyone googles their own number to find out if it exists publicly on the internet and then take any measures to delete it so this doesn’t happen to you again.

  • I just recieved a call on my cell at 1:35 am. It said this number was from “Palmdale Area”. It was a creepy chick, she sounded drunk or mentally ill, she knew stuff about me, complimented me on my artistic talent, said she was watching through my window etc. No joke.

  • I just got a call & this guy asked for my husband. I told him he wasn’t available & would he like to leave a message. The guy said he was calling about a problem with my husband’s computer. I said you sure? My husband doesn’t have a computer. (Our laptop is registered to me). He mumbled something and hung up. He had an accent but it also sounded like he was covering his mouth. The caller ID said skype user. Thanks for posting this info. I will keep being careful.

  • Be, I just go a call from this guy who says that my computer is having problems that my “windows “sent his company a report, and he wanted to help me to fix the problem. He says ” go to your computer and I help you to see the problem”, the guy was very pushy and I told him that “I did not have windows program” and he says it does not matter. I told him that I did not have experience but, I wanted to be sure that he was from a trustful source. The, guy with an Indian accent kept insisting on helping me. So, I hung up and I pick up the phone to make a phone call and the guy was still there so, I hung up again. But, the guy called again and left a message, “Mom, mom” are you there mom. PLEASE BE CAREFUL THIS IS A SCAM. BLOCK THAT NUMBER 661-748-0240

  • My mother received a call from this number yesterday. The man claimed to be from our sattelite tv provider and was offering a 50% off promotion. He knew my mother’s name, we are of Indian descent, and began talking in Hindi. Claimed to be from Texas but most likely the calls are coming from India. My mom became suspicious and ended the call.

  • Just got a call from this number – the lady knew my name! When she asked was it me I said yes and she immediately hung up. Should I be concerned?

  • Received two calls today to my cell phone, caller ID showed up as “Palmdale Area”. Said hello and it was silent. After the second call, I googled the number. Thanks for posting this information.

  • This number calls, and hangs up. Constituting Telephone HARASSMENT which is a CRIME, especially when the hang-up harassment calls are late night, and early morning hours. Simply file a POLICE REPORT regarding these CRIMES.

  • My family lost our dog and posted an ad on craigslist in hopes of finding her. My mom got a call on her cell from this number, and the man said he had our dog and he wanted to meet her to give her back. When my mom started getting suspicious, he told her he killed the dog and hung up. (The dog had been returned an hour earlier so thankfully my mom was spared the emotional trauma.) I’ve heard that this Skype number was harassing people all over the country, and I tried to report it to Skype but they don’t make it easy to contact them!

  • I received a call this morning from this number. The caller identified himself as a “Microsoft Windows Service Center” technician. I had apparently paid for a service a few years back, and they were calling me to inform me that I was due a refund because of a satellite failure. They were going to send me a refund but NEEDED TO DO IT THROUGH WESTERN UNION. (red flag). i had to set up an account with Western Union which requires confirmed identification like driver’s license number, etc. Also they needed a credit/debit card to send the refund to….The process timed out and so the “refund” was not completed. They said they will call me back tomorrow to complete the process. In the meantime I have cancelled my credit/debit card because I did stupidly add the number to the Western Union set up page….SO BEWARE – THESE GUYS CAN BE VERY TRICKY!!

  • I went on Google Thursday, 4/11/13 in search of Microsoft Security Essentials Service tech support. The Number listed was 1-888-666-6459 which I called and they said could they have permission to go into my computer, I said yes thinking they were Microsoft support. I was asking for help because my Security Support because I was showing red and unprotected. The spent time on my computer Thursday and Friday, and did fix the problem, but I wasn’t feeling right because they said the Billing Dept. wanted to talk to me and they said they couldn’t get through to me. I said, just transfer me to the dept., and a lady (American) started to asked me how I liked the service, and I said I thought I was talking to billing, and she said don’t call other number but to call 1-888-384-4824. When I asked what the name of the company was because I thought I was talking to Microsoft, she started to say something, but we got disconnected, and I sure it was on purpose. The Skype user # was 661-748-0240. I think got were realizing that I thought it was a scam, and never charged me. But my concern now is, did they install something on my computer that might harm it? (I’m 78, and not savy on all things computer, but I did think by getting the # off Google in the first place that I was doing the right thing.) Of course the 888 # is no longer there, but I do have the Skype user # still.) HELP!

    • if you have a antivirus software run a deep scan. if not you can download Microsoft security essentials for free using Microsoft.com . things to look for is slow computer, slow internet or slower thing normally would be. my rule of thumb is if you think you have a virus then you more then likely have one. i been fixing computer for 8 years in tx.

  • I received a call from 661-748-0240 at 3:15 AM this morning. I was still up and when I saw the # on caller ID, it said, SKYPE user. I quickly racked my brain for any SKYPE user I know, and I didn’t. So thinking it might be a family emergency, I answered it. All I heard was someone making silly sounds with there own voice… then they hung up. So if they couldn’t infect me by doing that, I am fine! I was curious enough to Google the # today and got this site. Never heard of this.. But I am very cautious about not givng out information to those I do not know. Thanks for the info, and I will pass it on to my “old lady friends”. Knowledge is power!

    • Just received a call from this number as well. I couldn’t hear him well and asked him to repeat what he was saying. He told me I had malware and needed to connect to his server to get rid of it. So I decided to have some fun with him. I finally asked him why he thinks I would be stupid enough to let some scammer into my computer. He got all defensive asking how I could possibly think he was a scammer. I finally told him that I’d had enough fun and hung up.

  • Called our company 20 minutes ago , told me he had to speak to the owner regarding our ATT bill , i couldnt understand him reall so i hung up , hasnt called back yet

  • Since I recognize the number I leave the caller on hold for a long time. Of course he calls back, over and over. I let most of those calls just ring out. Then I picked one up and left him on hold again, picked it up and hung up on him. He had attitude after his first time on hold. He ended up asking ME for my name, so I told him my name was Fred (I’m a woman). He then called me a “bit*H”. I’m a receptionist and I’m very tired of these scammers.

  • received a call from this number and 1900142 on my cell phone. A man stated that he was a third party company working for Microsoft. He insisted that my computer was sending error messages to Microsoft. He wanted to fix the problem remotely with me by connecting to my computer. Not a chance.

  • Received a call from this number saying there has been a charge to our credit card but they did not give an amount – The call came from, I think, India.

  • Called me at 1am asking if I was a male prostitute for their homosexual needs… They got my number from an online classified ad. The ad was NOT for prostitution… It was gross, disturbing, woke me up, but also quite comical due to the blatantcy of the prank call. Dumb kids… They should be stopped and legally pursued by loc police with so many complaints on the number.

  • This number has been calling us for weeks. We do not answer our phone unless the caller speaks on the answering machine to avoid sales calls but I see it on our caller ID. Now I know it could be from anywhere. Wish they’d give up though. They’re wasting their time with us.
    Bill in Cleveland

  • I just received a call from this number from a woman with a foreign accent claiming to be verifying information for my health insurance provider. I finally hung up on her after repeatedly trying to get more information from her about who she was & her company. She called back 2 more times, but I did not answer.

  • I recieved a call from this number, answered it and they just hung up. just did a google search. if they call again i will not pick up. thanks for info. Everyone stay safe.

  • I got a call earlier today, the guy wanted my husbands alternate phone number being he wasn’t home and when I told him no he laughed at me and asked why.. He finally told me he needed to get in touch with him over some grant money he was going to receive. I told him to never call back again and he laughed at me again!!! Very creepy.



  • Got a call. He said he was from FedEx and needed to confirm contact information. I told him I don’t have time for his fake identity.

  • Received a call from “Brad” from 661-748-0240 3/19/2013. Told me I had malware on my computer. Was very pushy about me logging onto the internet. I started to ask to speak to his supervisor and of course that was him. I asked for phone number,address and company name and then told him that he was trying to scam me and not to call back.

  • Received call this morning at 4:32am and answered it. There was a lot of static and I could not understand what was being said so I hung up.

  • Scammers. Got a call and wanted to link to our computer to fix Microsoft errors. When I kept pushing for answers from him he hung up. Very heavy foreign accent.

  • My elderly parents were scammed by this number for thousands of dollars today… claiming a grandchild was in jail and needed their help…

  • I found this number on my boyfriends phone bill…they talked for 38 minutes. Glad to know it wasn’t another woman but, hope he didn’t fall for their crap!!!

    • My boyfriend’s skype number sometimes comes up as this when he calls me from overseas. Its a general number and I believe its from when someone doesn’t set up their skype I’d. So it is very possible your boyfriend is talking to someone he knows and they just are being anonymous.

  • I get 5-7 calls a day at from this number, they never say anything that I can understand and they leave long messages with static

  • I got a call at 4:31am from this number so I of cours didn’t answer and at 4:32 am I received a text from 75973 sayint “Just got a Skype idk what I’m doing thought! Lol”. Not sure if they are related, but seeing as though it’s been said the call is in reference to Skype I thought it was relevant.

  • Got 5 calls just before midnight, continuing until I unplugged the phone. Prank calls to wake us all up.

    (661) 748-0240 karlfsteinborn Yesterday 11:54 PM
    (661) 748-0240 karlfsteinborn Yesterday 11:53 PM
    (661) 748-0240 karlfsteinborn Yesterday 11:53 PM
    (661) 748-0240 karlfsteinborn Yesterday 11:52 PM
    (661) 748-0240 karlfsteinborn Yesterday 11:51 PM

  • Just received a call from that number. The gentleman had a very heavy accent that was hard to understand so I asked him to repeat where he was calling from. His answer was Bank of America. When I questioned him further, he hung up

  • Called, trying to tell us we had a problem with hard drive files relating to microsoft and windows and that we needed to download some file to fix it.. my boyfriend totally messed with them (hes a computer programmer) and they got spooked and hung up. Creepily enough they knew our address..

  • I got a call from this number to my cel on 2-27-13. They claim to be “Premiere Concepts.” Two callers with thick Indian accents claimed to represent Holiday Inn, Toshiba, Marriot and offered a cruise in the Bahamas. They asked me to stop by to meet them at the Holiday Inn Georgetown at 10 am or 3 PM to pick up one of the three prizes.

    The whole thing came off as really shady. They also claimed I’d filled out some offer in October or November, and asked me to bring my wife along when I went in to claim the “prize.”
    EVERYTHING about this sounded like a scam, and I thought that it was one of those time share scams. But looking online for Premiere Concepts, there seems to be a consistent “Scam alert” and the number 661-748-0240 has a bad reputation…

  • This person named Lee Inho called me to order our honey products with fake address.
    less than 10 min later, he called us again and “fuck you I won’t order your honey”
    This guy intentionally tried to harm our business maybe because he is our competitor or just simply psychopath who has nothing better things to do.

    • The scam lady’s name was Inglan Brooks Jones – don’t buy anything off of ebay with this woman’s name attached to it!

  • Received two calls on my cell phone from this number. Was hard to understand and sounded somewhat robotic. Told caller (him) that I could not understand and that they would have to call on another line. Have not received further calls.

  • I received a phone call from this number to my house telephone and when I answered a woman started talking in Spanish or some other language. I didn’t know that I shouldn’t answer, as is recommended above but I won’t answer calls from that number again or that say Skype. What should I do if I think I’m one of the rare cases explained above?

  • Just received a call from these number. They called the front desk of my work and asked to speak to me, even spelled my name. When the call was transferred to me they repeated my name and then hung up.

    Thanks for the information on this site

  • i just got a call from this number saying i won some prizes and would have their manager call me back for my info. gave me time to google number and find all the posts. they just called again and left a msg saying “u r a b*tch” thats just rude seriously. too many scams out there people be careful.

  • Just received a call on cell phone from this number. Three times in 10 minutes. First time no response when I answered – I hung up. Second time there was a long pause then a distorted mans voice – I hung up. I then googled the number and found all this information. Third time call came and I rejected it without answering.
    Thank you so much for this site and information.

  • I just received 2 calls from 661-748-0240 but didn’t answer them because I didn’t recognize
    the number and they didn’t leave a message.

  • Just answered a call that turned out being from this number.. someone who said they didn’t know me but saw my name on the internet and that he found out the only way to make money was on the internet.. I told him it was good for him and hung up.. expected a call back, but, after reading all of this, I am guessing he just went on to the next number

  • I got a call from this number today. I guy with an East Indian accent told me he had received a notice that my computer was sending Microsoft error messages and that if I didn’t do anything about it my hard drive would crash. I asked what company he was calling from and claimed he was some name I couldn’t even understand. I then asked him what was a call back number for him and he gave me a number. I then said well that number is not even the same area code as the number you called me from and he then hung up on me.

  • I received a weird call from a man with a very thick accent wanting to discuss matters concerning my lost dog. Saying he was from Pet Rescue. He wanted “35 bucks” to find my dog. It was so weird, thick accent, and talked extremely SLOW…. Came me the heebie jeebies.

  • I just received a regular phone call from that number to my cell phone. It was a young lady who claimed she wanted to update the NJ condos and coops vendor listing directory and asked if my information was still correct. She did read out the street address, city & state of my previous employer and that information was correct. I just told her I no longer worked there and when she asked me if I wanted to list my new company or business, I just said I wasn’t interested and disconnected. The number and info that showed up was 661-748-0240 and “Palmdale area”. This was at 3:37pm est on 2/6/13.

  • My grandmother got a call this morning someone stating they were her son and that they were in jail and needed $3000 for bail. She almost had a heart attack over it

  • I got a call from this number today. I guy with an East Indian accent told me he had received a notice that my computer had virus. I was ammused since my computer “died” over a yr ago and hence i had no computer at all. I asked where he was calling from and claimed he was with Microsoft. I told him i didnt have a PC and then went on to ask me how he go that message my pc was infected. I said i was hoping he could explain that. He stood silent for a moment…i guess surprised that I didnt currently have a computer. He then apologized for the inconvinience and hung up. Sounded “phishy” if you asked me…Felt blessed not have a working PC for once. lol

  • I received a call today from that number on my work line. I did not answer. They called 12 times in 15 minutes!

  • I was called by a fake number in Japan as a response to an online teaching position I applied for but when I checked my voice-mail the real number 661-748-0240 was indicated as the source of the call which is a California number. Unfortunately I didn’t notice this until after my Skype interview where I was told we would have to set up a time for another online meeting where he can “check my connection” to make sure it was suitable for live instruction with the students. I said I wanted to see a contract first and his demeanor changed, he went on to say that he would have to check my connection first and that’s when a red flag went up and I knew it was a scam to hack my information from my computer. Also he was going on and on about the cold weather in Japan when the message was from California. It’s sad. BE WARNED!

  • Just called me – lady with East Indian accent asked for the business owner or manager (that’s me)… asked if I’d seen the notice on my last AT&T statement. Well I don’t have AT&T so I told her she had the wrong number and hung up. I smelled a phishing scam.

  • this number called me asking for my bank account info. when i said she would have to give me her employee ID, my info and a number to return her call at she hung up on me. SCAM

  • He told me that my spouse and I won a TV and said I had to go somewhere when I interrupted him and asked him where he was calling me from and he said California but sounded like he was from India……I told him my spouse was dead and he hung up on me…………

  • Some person called my mom from this same number talking about they were going to send me a laptop to get my school work done he even knew my name and birthdate

    • Such information can easily be gathered from social network websites such as Facebook, which gives its users the option to supply their telephone number and relationships.

  • I just got a call from this number and it was DHL, a shipping company. I had something shipped from China and they called from this number to make sure I am home to sign for it. Kinda weird since the company didn’t say whether I had to sign for my package or not, but I did tracked it and it is 1-2 business days away just like the message said so I’m not too sure.

  • So annoyed with this. I answered a call from this number 3 times, texted it back, & even tried to call it from skype, before I googled it and saw all of this. I was actually expecting a call from my husband in Afghanistan (switchboards from there show all sorts of numbers on caller id, and his skype number would also show this default #). Does anyone know exactly how these scammers are gaining access to computer systems? Would I have had to give them any info, or did my answering the call, etc. get them the entry point they need? Thank you!

    • Answering the phone call will not allow a third party remote access to your computer. Remote access has to be initiated by clicking a link (email spam, etc.) or by manually enabling remote access on the computer system.

      Scammers will often use the default Skype phone number in attempt to persuade computer users into believing their computer is infected with malware and will provide steps that will direct the computer owner to allow them access to the system.

      If you suspect your computer has been compromised, try a free scan using reputable Antivirus/Anti-Malware software.

  • I just got a call from this number and googled it to see who it was out of curiosity. Thanks so much for posting this.

  • That is funny because i got the same call and it was DHL just making sure I would be home because a package required a signature for delivery.

  • just got three calls from this number, didn’t answer any of them, within a few minutes of each other. thank you so much for the warning!!

  • They just tried my cell in Tulsa, I don’t answer from area codes I don’t recognise since it is often ad sales people, no message. I will block this number!

  • i recieved a call from this dirt bag also. glad i googled this number. my girl friend is a cyber detective and she is setting him up to arrest him . i will reply back when this dirt baggs behind bars. i will post his name and address also

  • 661-748-0240 Russian girl pretending to fall in love with me, numerous photos, many emails, very persistent. I’m no fool, but this gang is good. Woman calling posing. With the girl name Inna.

    • i too have been talking to this girl named Inna for a couple months and she has called me on this number once. she sends me pictures of a beautiful looking woman claiming to be her and saying she has fallen in love with me and was actually coming to see me. the scam is that she runs out of money and needs me to send her the rest of the money to buy the plane ticket. I am amazed at how far these people will go to scam money from someone. I actually like to play their game as long as i can and then sock it to them that im on to them to get their response. I figure if i waste their time its got to cost them something. But dont fall for these scams, the email addy she uses calls for a womamn named marisanasta @ yahoo.com. when you google this addy it comes up some woman in Argentina, even though the woman named Inna claims she is from Russia. Just to warn you unless you like to play with them like i do LOL.

  • Checked my caller ID on my home landline phone and this Skype User 661-748-0240 showed. I didn’t know anyone who would be calling me so, I googled and found this info. Thank you for the info.

  • Thank you for this information! Just received a call from someone asking to speak with the CEO of our company. When I wouldn’t let her have him she asked for the IT Department and I wouldn’t let her have him either. (Neither are located in my office anyways.) She then hung up.

  • It is just one of Skype’s outgoing numbers. It is not tied to any particular person. My parents’ calls sometimes show up as this number. For the person who is getting the repeated calls late at night, without knowing who is calling you, you can’t do much. I am not even sure blocking the number would work, Skype might just connect with another of their bank of outgoing numbers.

  • I got two calls from this number today. A female said she was from the State Office Building (Louisiana) and that my public assistance application was not right. The female asked for my social security number, but I only told her the last four digits. She asked me at least two more times, but I would not tell her. I told her that I would go to the State Building in the morning and find out what the problem is. She then asked for my SS number AGAIN! Before we got off the phone she said she’d call me tomorrow, after she speaks with her Supervisor. My thing is, WHO IS DISCLOSING MY PERSONAL INFO TO THESE PEOPLE? She did say she’s from Avoyelles Parish which is accurate info, and she knew about “some of my children’s information! Who is this and what can I do to STOP this mess from getting me into trouble in ANY kind of way? I am really PISSED about this!

    • Don’t panic, this person likely doesn’t have that much personal information. There are plenty of free search tools that can find people’s hometowns, relatives, etc. If they piece it together, it sounds credible, and they’re counting on fooling people. No rationalizing, explaining, or demanding calls to stop will work. They are hiding behind anonymous Skype calls. Buy a high pitched whistle and blow it at them every time they call.

  • If you get a call from ANYONE that is using Skype, then it shows up the 661-748-XXXX number. So, it could be phishing, hackers, or your brother using skype…but the area code and extension are owned by Skype (I know this, because my wife and I use Skype and couldn’t figure out who was calling her…then checked the number, and found it was when I had called her phone.

  • They called my boyfriend today offering free money for school. He told them he doesn’t want to go to school and said the guy sounded like an Indian. I called the no. and the recording says it is a skype no.

  • gt 2 calls from this number i was not home at the time and they did not leave a message i was home when 1 call came in but i didn’t answer and it was a skype phone call


  • I got a call from this number on my cell phone and I ignored it. Then on my home phone, so I answered it. It was my daughter calling via Skype.

    • Just received a call from this number 661 780-0240. Wanted to speak to the Vice President of my company and said that was in regards to a UPS Parcel and they had to verify who the Vice President was. Its a scam.

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