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cherry mx brown key switches

Cherry MX Brown Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Cherry is a computer peripheral-device maker who manufactures high-quality mechanical keyboard switches. Their mechanical keyboard switches are used by many people who expect their keyboards to meet or surpass specific expectations.

cherry mx brown key switches

Cherry MX Brown

Cherry MX Brown switches are tactile mechanical keyboard switches that offer a light feel and mildly pronounced bump when a key is pressed. The Cherry MX Brown switch has mid-range spring force and is non-clicky but it will still make a noise if you bottom out the keypads while typing. The lack of an audible click is a selling point for gamers who use voice communication systems and typists who don’t want to bother others around them.

Cherry MX Brown Specs

Style Tactile
Feel Light, Moderate Bump
Actuation Force 55g
Release Point 2mm
Total Travel Distance 4mm
Click No
Lifespan 50 million keystrokes per key

Cherry MX Brown is a good middle of the road mechanical keyboard switch appropriate for typing and gaming. The moderately-tactile action provided by the switch is measured between the Cherry MX Red and Cherry MX Blue switches.

The switch gives tactile feedback as the key actuates. The pronounced bump lets you know the key has been registered. This is a feature that makes the switch very popular with typists. If a switch like the Cherry Blue is too loud at home or in the office and the Cherry Red is too light, then the Cherry Brown might be perfect for you.

Furthermore, the Cherry Brown switch is a great mechanical keyboard switch for gamers who are looking for a moderately-tactile and non-clicky switch with medium resistance.

Are Cherry MX Brown switches right for you?

Selecting the right mechanical keyboard switch is important. After all, you don’t want to get stuck typing a report or playing a game with a keyboard switch that makes your hands feel fatigued. The way switches feel when you press each key and the action switches provide is important to gamers and typists who expect nothing but the absolute best from their keyboards. When looking for the right switch or mechanical keyboard with the right switch, your personal preference should be the primary factor.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to hear a click when you press a key? Cherry MX Brown switches lack an audible click. If you want to hear an audible click, check out Cherry MX Blue switches.
  • Do you want to feel a bump when you press a key? Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Blue are popular switches that provide a tactile bump when a key is registered. If you don’t want to feel a bump, check out Cherry MX Red switches.
  • Do you press keys all the way down when you type? Most Cherry switches have a flexible spring that encourages the keys to bottom out when you add force to them. If you are seeking mechanical keyboard switches with tougher springs, you may want to look at another brand with different springs such as Hako mechanical switches.

9 key cherry switch tester

If you’re not sure which switch to use maybe it’s best to try them out before you shell out cash to buy a new keyboard. Buy a switch tester to test and compare different keyboard switches. Switch testers are small tools that contain multiple individual switches. They provide you with a way to sample and compare different switches and O-rings. Switch testers can be found in many shops online.

Product in the image: 9 Key Cherry Switch Tester

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