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cherry mx blue key switches

Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Cherry is a computer peripheral-device maker who manufactures high-quality mechanical keyboard switches. Their mechanical keyboard switches are used by many people who expect their keyboards to meet or surpass specific expectations.

cherry mx blue key switches

Cherry MX Blue

The Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboard switch is described as the typist’s dream. It is ideal for people who want to hear and feel a click when they press a key. The typing feedback provided by the Cherry blue switch makes it easier to know that you’ve reached the activation point.

Cherry MX Blue Specs

Style Clicky (Audible), Tactile
Feel Light, Bumpy
Actuation Force 60g
Release Point 2.2mm
Total Travel Distance 4mm
Click Yes
Lifespan 50 million keystrokes per key

The Cherry MX Blue switch is the most common clicky switch in the world. It is especially popular among typists due to their tactile bump, audible click, release point, and actuation force. The high release point is above the actuation point which may increase accuracy by making it harder to double tap keys.

The click provided by the switch is achieved by a complicated mechanism. When the actuation point is reached a white slider is propelled to the bottom of the switch by a blue plunger and the click noise is produced.

Are Cherry MX Blue switches right for you?

Choosing the right switch is a matter of your individual preference. The way a switch feels and the action it provides is important to gamers and typists who want to enhance their output.

Before choosing a mechanical keyboard switch, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to hear a click when you press a key? This switch has an audible click.
  • Do you want to feel a bump when you press a key? This switch has a tactile bump.
  • How much force do you want to supply when pressing a key? This switch requires a little more force than usual, at 60g, but not too much.

If you’re looking for a switch with a lower actuation force, lighter tactile bump, and no click then check out the Cherry MX Brown switch. The action the Cherry Brown switch provides is basically between linear and tactile.

9 key cherry switch tester

If you’re not sure which switch to use maybe it’s best to try them out before you shell out cash to buy a new keyboard. Purchase an inexpensive switch tester to examine and compare different keyboard switches. Switch testers are small tools that contain multiple individual switches. They provide you with a way to sample and compare different switches and O-rings. Switch testers can be found in many shops online.

Product in the image: 9 Key Cherry Switch Tester

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