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cherry mx black key switches

Cherry MX Black Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Cherry is a computer peripheral-device maker who manufactures high-quality mechanical keyboard switches. Their mechanical keyboard switches are used by many people who expect their keyboards to meet or surpass specific expectations.

cherry mx black key switches

Cherry MX Black

Cherry MX Black switches are linear mechanical keyboard switches that provide a moderately stiff and linear feel. The Cherry MX Black switch has high spring resistance and no audible click, but they will still produce noise when bottoming out. The lack of an audible click is a high note for work station employees who use voice communication systems.

Cherry MX Black Specs

Style Linear
Feel Moderately Stiff, Smooth
Actuation Force 60g
Release Point 2mm
Total Travel Distance 4mm
Click No
Lifespan 50 million keystrokes per key

The Cherry MX Black mechanical keyboard switch from Cherry has history and prestige. The switch was introduced to the market in 1984 making it one of the first mechanical keyboard switches available to the mass market. It is often used in point-of-sale stations such as cash registers due to its high actuation force, at 60g, which helps prevent accidental key presses. The high actuation force also makes it ideal for gamers who require accuracy and less ideal for typists because the resistance may cause fatigue.

The Cherry Black switch is similar to Cherry MX Red switches. They are made of the same material and both lack a tactile bump and click noise when pressed. However, the Chery Red switch has a lower actuation force, at 45g, which makes them the much lighter and faster switch.

Keep in mind that personal preferences are specific of an individual and the Cherry MX Black switches may be your favorite switches to type with. You’ll never really know until you try them and compare them to other switches.

Are Cherry MX Black switches right for you?

Cherry MX Black switches are stiff and that makes them popular among point-of-sale stations and with gamers where accuracy is needed. However, the high resistance may be perfect for some typists.

When choosing a switch or mechanical keyboard your personal preference should be the only thing that matters. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to hear an audible click when you press a key down? If you like to hear a click when you press a key down, Black switches may not be the right switch for you. A popular Cherry switch with an audible click is the Cherry MX Blue.
  • Do you want to feel a bump when you press a key down? If you like to feel a bump when you press a key down, Black switches may not be the switch for you. Popular Cherry switches that provide a tactile bump are the Cherry MX Brown and Cherry MX Blue switches.
  • Do you press keys all the way down when you type? If you like pressing keys all the way down when you type, you’re kind of in limbo with Black switches. Cherry switches are known to have a flexible spring that encourages keys to bottom out when you press them; However, the Black switches have high resistance which can help stop you from pressing the keys all the way down when you type.

9 key cherry switch tester

If you’re having a hard time trying to figure out which switch is right for you then maybe it’s best to try them out. Buy a switch tester to analyze and compare different keyboard switches. Switch testers are small devices that hold multiple switches so you can sample and compare different switches and O-rings. Switch testers can be found in many shops online including Amazon.

Product in the image: 9 Key Cherry Switch Tester

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