WHOIS Lookup

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a protocol used to query databases that store the registered users or assignees of an Internet resource, such as a domain name, an IP address block, or an autonomous system.

It provides information about the domain, such as the owner’s contact information, registration and expiration dates, and name server details.

How WHOIS Lookup Works

When you enter a domain name into the WHOIS lookup tool and perform a search, the tool queries the WHOIS database to retrieve the registration details associated with that domain.

The tool then displays this information, allowing you to view details about the domain’s ownership, registration status, and other relevant information.

Get Free WHOIS Reports

At Botcrawl.com, we provide free WHOIS reports that give you comprehensive information about any domain. Our reports include details about domain ownership, registration dates, expiration dates, and more.

Simply enter the domain name into our WHOIS lookup tool, and you’ll receive a detailed report instantly. Use this information to gain insights into domains or to verify ownership and registration details.