Malware Phishing Scam Alert From Skype Phone Number (661) 748 0240

Sean Davis

Sean is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. His primary focuses include internet security and web spam. Google+

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  1. Bethy says:

    SCAM ALERT – SEPT. 2016 —-This number just phoned my work line. Caller is male with foreign accent. He stated his name is Robert Jensen and some garbled message about me attending an annual convention in Palm Springs 2016 in Oct. and he would like to talk to me about it. He gave this number to call, (866) 319-3976. I don’t attend conventions. BEWARE

  2. Linda Dougherty says:

    on 4/28th/16. Mark Willams called me on this number. He say to me, he was from Micosoft people He said to me to send him $2500. His code name was Lucy. Some how he get into my bank accounts took all of my money out from my checking & saving accounts. He called me form different phone numbers. I keep the phone numbers on my caller I.D.. If you are victim of scam calls. PLEASE MAKE A POLICE REPORT. right away. Call your state local F.B.I. & other important people will help you. He kept calling me. I did change my both accounts & my phone number. On may 2nd, around 8:00 A.M. this man called me that he have a warrant for my arrest & I be in prison . for 3 to 5 years. He really scared me. He ask for $1000. I told him this “I don’t have that type of money.” He said to me the police is coming to arrest me.. I called my son & gave him the phone number. He look up this phone # 1-208-453-9871 from Caldwell Id. My son called me back & said that phone number was resident phone number.My son gave me some tips he told me to ask him his bradge # & his supervisior name & which department he work at. That same day he call back & threat me again about going to prison. I ask those questions to him. he just gave me a fake I.D. number. He didn’t gave the answers to the other 2 questions. Beware of those people who trying to scam you.

  3. Nancy says:

    They claim they are from Dell and want to know how my computer is working. They have a deep midwestern accent. I have gotten no less than 4 calls now. I added them to my contact list so I can decline them next time.

  4. Dawn Beattie says:

    called me twice on my land line – did not answer; then called my cell phone! also did not answer. too creepy; obviously, not a random dial.

  5. lois weiss says:

    i am so sick of these son of bitches calling me & bothering me. i have my number blocked but it did show the above number & say skype caller. i’m thinking about changing my number somewhat. they have told me that my computer will be hacked & i hesitate to enter e-mail address

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