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Malware Phishing Scam Alert From Skype Phone Number (661) 748 0240

What is phone number (661) 748 0240?

Phone number 6617480240 is a default phone number for Skype users similar to 6617480241.

(661) 748 0240 appears on outbound calls for Skype users who have not set up their Skype caller ID yet and is also utilized by cyber criminals to promote malware and iniatate other scams.

661-748-0240 scam

What is Skype?

Skype is a popular software application that allows users to make voice calls over the Internet.

Phishing Attempts from (661) 748 – 0240

Many phishing attempts have been made by criminals utilizing social engineering from the phone number (661) 748 0240 in attempt to gain trust and/or persuade unsuspecting victims to start a remote connection to the individuals computer system or other form of criminal behavior including extortion.

Phishing Phone Calls

  • Criminals will often call unsuspecting victims falsely claiming to be from Microsoft or the computer users internet service provider, etc. (check comments)
  • Criminals are noted to use personal information in phone calls.
  • In rare cases existing malware has infecting the computer system, including spyware and Trojans. Data collected by existing spyware and/or Trojans may be used in phone calls, and is often the first sign of an infection. Data may include phone numbers, credit card numbers, social security numbers, identification numbers, financial information, and more. 

What to do if 6617480240 calls you

Unless you are experienced with using Skype, if you receive an anonymous phone call from the phone number (661) 748 0240 ignore it. There may also be additional options made available by your service provider as to block or restrict the telephone number.

If you suspect your computer is infected with malware, it is strongly recommended to eradicate malicious files using reputable software.

— View malware removal software

FBI Links:
— E-Scams | Internet Fraud
— FBI Cyber Crime Webpage

— Report Cyber Crime

Please document your experience with phone number 6617480240 in the comments below.


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168 replies to “Malware Phishing Scam Alert From Skype Phone Number (661) 748 0240

  1. Alexis

    This number called me and a woman said “your calling the hotel” i said “what” she said it again and i said ” im not calling anyone”. She said “the woman at the desk said you have called six times” then a man got on and said “this is the deputy of kern county” i said goobye n hung up. Very odd phn call

  2. Andrea

    This number just called me and I answered out of curiosity. I told him he had the wrong number, he became hostile and threatened me. I reported it to the FCC and am following up with State Police to be on the safe side.

  3. David Raybould

    I received a phone call form 6617480240 at 1:30 am on my cell phone.when I answered the phone they said nothing on the other end. I tried to call back and it said it was a skype number. I honestly think that the legal system needs to make punishment more harsh, too stop these internet assholes.

  4. DJ

    Received call from this number while at work on my cell, ignored it. When I get #’s I don’t recognize, I ignore them and let them go straight to voicemail, if it is important, they will leave a voicemail. I also go online and google the number to see who or what business just called.

  5. Anonymous

    I just received 2 phone calls (on my home landline) from the number 661-748-0240. At first, I thought it was a joke because my husband is away and I thought it might be him (or a buddy) playing a joke – using a British accent and saying how much he missed me, etc. and can’t wait to see me. It was weird, though, so I hung up. The number called right back, and I thought it was him apologizing and laughing, but it was the same British accent, and the man got very vulgar on the phone. After I hung up, I googled the number and found this site. Hope nothing is infected with malware; not sure how it works.

    1. Anonymous

      same here.Legit Skype call Europe to US.Family member. Guess it’s used by scammers as well though.If it’s legit they’ll leave a message

  6. Debby

    July 18, 2014: 3 calls from 611-748-0240 today: 1:21 PM; 1:23 PM; 1:26PM. Was away, so didn’t talk to anyone. Cannot (and I am glad) return the calls from my landline.

  7. Susan

    The call that registered as this telephone # from our Caller ID reads “Elite , Geek1″. We received four calls today. These were first time calls by this name, with no message left on our voice mail. However, we have received calls that register as “Skype Caller” from 661-748-0240. Typical of scam callers, no message is left. We never pick up our landline, even when we are home, and we leave our cell phones off.

  8. Anonymous

    A number “skype number” (661) 748-0240 called me on 6/11/14 pretending to work for an agency/ federal court system which arranges times and dates when someone is going to be served with lawsuit papers. He pretended to work there knew my old address and was able to refer back to some medicinal products we had bought last year. He said that this company was suing me because I didn’t go through with the contract even though it was verbal and over the phone. I told this person named Juan Mendoza ( spoke to me only in Spanish and did not seem to understand English) that I did not agree to such thing. He then proceeded to inform me that they had a recording of me agreeing to this. I told him that I would never purchase anything else from this company, and he proceeded to lecture me about buying things over the phone and how telemarketers trick customers into agreeing to things that they do not need. He also said that he had a return slip for a second package that was sent to me, which I never agreed to purchase or to receive from the post office, as the package was never picked up and was returned to the company. He said he needed to confirm my new address because a police officer was going to come to my home and serve me with lawsuit papers and he needed to know the time that I would be home in order to receive such papers. I told him that I needed a number to call him back as I needed to speak with my husband. He said he didn’t have one and that if I tried to call back to this (661) 748-0240, that the call wouldn’t go through as it was a federal building. He agreed to call me back in 30 mins. He actually did end up calling back, this time with a bogus name of the supposedly company, as well as with this phone # (786) 465-2358, an gave me the name of the supposedly manager that was suing me as Fausto Hernandez. I called him out on his crap, and he got defensive with me, and harassed me saying that the cops were going to show up to my house in the morning to serve me with the lawsuit papers. I researched the 661 area code number and found out that it is used to scam people, as well as when you try to call it, it says it is a skype number. My husband and I also tried to call the Fausto guy and no one answers. The phone just rings and rings. This supposedly investigator Juan Mendoza said he would call me back in the evening and never did. My husband was awaiting his call to tell him off. We also reported this to the police and have all numbers and names to them. They confirmed that it is a scam! Do not give any personal info to these piece of crap people and call them out! They are trying to take advantage of people by harassing and intimidating.

  9. Appleannie Arcuri-Abbey

    I just got a call @ 8pm on 6/11/2014.
    I did not answer it when I saw SKYPE CALLER in the ID.
    They left no voice message either.
    What do I need to do to stop it?

  10. Kentucky

    missed call from this number, didn’t leave a message but phone says it is from palmdale area? who knows what scam it is, with the amount of crooks out there.

  11. Mrs Smith in Oklahoma

    This number 661-748-0240 showing Skype Caller called our office yesterday at 4:55 wanting to speak to someone in sales. He claimed he was in the Phillipines and they had a big project so I gave him the name, phone & email of our international sales agent. I normally look up weird caller ID stuff but it was late & I was trying to get the office shut down. My sales agent hasn’t heard from him yet, but I did notify him that this person & number is bogus.

  12. JE

    Just got a call from this number. Dude said he was Garry Strauss from Live PC Connect and someone was trying to hack into my email. He wanted me to log out of my email and was going to give me a URL so he could access my computer supposedly to correct the problem or add additional security. I asked him what email but he couldn’t tell me which of course raised suspicions. How could he say someone is hacking into my email when he can’t tell me which email account? I told him I was going to call him back through Live PC Connect tech support from the number I already had through a reliable source. I called the toll free number for tech support and of course they verified they did not try to call me and there was no Gary Strauss working for them. Needless to say, this was certainly a scam

  13. Donna

    This number calls my home phone every day….I do not pick up…but they don’t give up either…All it says in caller id is Skype …and then the number….

  14. Anonymous

    I received a call from Skype Caller 1-661-748-0240 tonight claiming to be from Dish network and asking for receiver numbers, I told them I would call dish direct and hung up, heavy Indian accent.

  15. Anonymous

    I revived a call from a similar number it was (661) 748-0241 claiming I had malware and needed a remote connection to fix it. I hung up and called back it could not go thru because it was a skype user.

  16. Rachel

    I received this call from a guy telling me that he saw my kitten at some elementary school
    When I texted to this number or call , no response at all

  17. Susan Grunke

    I received a phone call from the above number. the man speaking was from India .he confirmed my street address.
    I am very concerned about this

    1. Sean Doyle Post author

      That sounds very frightening. I recommended to scan your computer(s) for possible computer viruses and malware that may help an individual party collect your information with reputable software such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Symantec Norton – or others.

      If you feel you may be in danger I recommend to contact your local law enforcement office immediately.

      You may also report this incident with Skype:

      Stay safe!

  18. Robert from Los Angeles

    Thank goodness for this web site. I’ve been getting calls today at my office and on my iPhone from this number but didn’t answer since I didn’t recognize it. Bastards!

  19. Becky from Iowa

    Currently, on a Tuesday afternoon (January 14) I am being ASSAULTED by both this number (661-748-0240) and 661-748-0241. It has rung my cell phone five times, already, and is simultaneously calling my house phone. I wonder if this is a result of the recent Target security breach, as I was one of its victims.

    I wonder when they’ll stop?

    1. Anonymous

      I keep getting the call from these numbers too. I ignore it, but I’m not sure what to do. Also 9547166288 keeps calling. I also was apart of the target scam

  20. Mary

    I just got a call from this number from my iPhone, not my PC. I did not pick up – I never pick up numbers that I don’t recognize. This is the first and I hope last time they call.

  21. Vicki

    A man with a heavy Hispanic accent started talking – and the one thing I understood him to say was “Windows computer”. I told him I could not understand him, but that I did NOT have a Windows computer (and I don’t). Caller ID listed it as SKYPE CALLER

  22. S S A

    Received multi. communications from a man supposedly from a dating website. Nothing added up so I googled his number and it the number above. I immediately contacted website he supposedly found my information from. Have also blocked this number from calling me.

  23. Annonymous

    I don’t have skype but, received a call from this number a “skype user” it said. When I answered there was no reply. My VCR had began to take the call when I picked up, but they didn’t leave a msg.

  24. Shavanna

    I received a call from 661-748-0240 they said they were from my TV provider and they knew I had a bundled service for my phone, tv and internet. They asked for my tv receiver #s and said a technician would call me in 30 minutes. I decided not to answer the second call and they called 4 times one right after the other a they knew I was home and then the phone # came up and they called to more times again, right after another. 6 calls and when I didn’t answer they quit. I called my TV provider service and they had not authorized anyone to call me even though the person said they were from that company. Thankfully, I figured it out before I picked up the second call from them. Something just didn’t seem right.

  25. Anonymous

    Just got a call from this number Sounded like an India call center. Ask for me by name I asked who was calling He said UPS. Then asked for me by name again. I said yes and he hung up.

  26. Shell

    I received a call from this number at 9:30pm on my cell and ignored it. Is it coincidence that I had just missed a call on skype from a well known friend?

  27. Anonymous

    I got 39 calls from this number (661-748-0240) between midnight and 1am on my cell phone. There was background noise but no real message. I went to my cell phone account on line and blocked this number.

  28. Anonymous

    called me regarding a taxation grant amount in 7000 yet you had to pay three hundred dollars I hope that they get there asses

  29. Anonymous

    Someone from this number calls me 4 or 5 times a day. Messages garbled, can’t make them out. Very annoying. i answered the phone, not knowing and tried to call back after several calls to tell them they had a wrong number, but could not call a skype #

  30. N

    I received and ignored a call from this number today. Was also, coincidentally, the first day I’ve used Skype in a couple of months.

  31. Anonymous

    Grandmother received a call from this number this morning — caller stated that they were friends with her grandson (caller used grandon’s specific name), and that he was in jail in Richmond, VA. Caller stated the grandson needed money for bail. Caller asked her specifically to not tell anyone, and that they would call back to ensure the grandson received money from her.

    Will recommend blocking the number. Any other methods to use or be aware of?

  32. Anonymous

    I suggest everyone googles their own number to find out if it exists publicly on the internet and then take any measures to delete it so this doesn’t happen to you again.