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Search Completion Virus Homepage

How To Remove The Search Completion Hijacker Virus (Search.Searchcompletion.com)

What Is Search Completion (Searchcompletion.com)?

Search completion (searchcompletion.com, search.searchcompletion.com) is an internet browser hijacker that bundles with malware such as adware advertisers and other third party viruses. Computers infected by Search Completion, or associated malware bundled with Search Completion notice common hijacker symptoms such as changed homepage (startup page) settings, search and URL input redirections, etc, and symptoms of several adware infections which may consist of popup spam advertisements and altered internet search results.

Search Completion Virus Homepage

  • The Search Completion virus is considered a virus because it leaves the backdoor open for other infections as discussed before, but they also detail this in their privacy policy (pictured below).

Search Completion Hijacker Virus Shared Adware Information

  • Searchcompletion.com infects computers by storing cookies (pictured below) on the system and in some cases other third party folders, files, values, and keys. They use this information to track and trace internet users, as well as provide this information to third parties as discussed above.

Searchcompletion Cookie

  • A common symptom of the Search Completion Hijacker Virus is redirections. When an internet users is attempting to search, or input a URL into the address field at the top of the given internet browser, infected users are redirected to searchcompletion.com, search.searchcompletion.com, or third party websites and advertisements.

Search Completion Redirection Virus

Removing the Search Completion hijacker is important, Search Completion and searchcompletion.com can be extremely harmful. Outlined below are options to clean your system and remove Search Completion, as well as repair homepage settings if needed.

How To Remove Search Completion (Searchcompletion.com)

  1. Antivirus / Anti-Malware Software – Scan, detect, and remove malware.
  2. Manual Removal – Remove necessary files, extensions, etc, and repair internet browser settings (homepage, search redirections).
  3. System Restore – Restore your computer to a date and time before infection. Click here for more information.

1. Antivirus / Anti-Malware Software

Scan, detect, and remove malware.

The most recommended malware removal software is Malwarebytes. They have the largest sample rate for malware infections (top download), therefore are the safest solution to remove malware. Malwarebytes offers free and paid versions, both which will work great.

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2. Manual Removal

Remove Add-ons and Extensions

Since the Search Completion hijacker may bundle with other adware, removal may be difficult. For instance, someone may have a malicious extension (browser helper object) which installed onto their internet browser. If you suspect you have a malicous extension or toolbar, search your installed internet browsers add-ons or extensions. If you need more information how to do so per internet browser please choose from the selection below. The selection below will also detail how to block cookies and restrict searchcompletion.com.

Remove Cache

A simple way to remove Search Completion stored cookies is to delete your internet browsers cache files. You can do this in your internet browsers settings or preferences.

In Google Chrome, navigate to the settings wrench > History

Chrome Wrench HistoryNext select “clear all browsing data”

Delete Chrome History
Finally check the necessary clear cache and history selections. You may check them all the be safe. Finally click clear browsing data.

Clear Browser Cache

Repair Internet Browser Search Settings And Homepage (startup page)

In most cases the single main threat from searchcompletion.com is that it interferes with internet browser settings and changes the homepage, as well as the default managed search engine.


To change the homepage settings in Google Chrome, navigate to the settings wrench > Settings and click “set pages”.

Chrome Settings Set Pages

Remove search.searchcompletion.com or other suspicious search URLs by clicking the X that appears when hovering over the title.

SearchCompletion Search

For more information in reguard to other internet browsers please visist other helpful articles conserning similar internet browser hijackers. The directions are essentially the same for most hijacker infections. The directions below will also show you how to repair default managed search engine settings which cause your internet browser to redirect to unnecessary websites.


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