Category: Malware

Guides to help you remove malware and potentially unwanted programs.

Kihode virus

How to remove Kihode virus

What is Kihode virus? Kihode virus is a common expression used to characterize an explicit adware type program that spawns numerous advertisements inside your web browser...

_HELP_instructions virus

How to remove _HELP_instructions virus

_HELP_instructions virus is an expression applied to various ransomware variants that encrypt files, adds new extensions to file names, and insists that the victim pay a ransom...

PowerWare ransomware

How to remove PowerWare ransomware

PowerWare ransomware is a computer virus that encrypts the files on your computer, revises the filenames, and adds the .locky extension name of files it encrypts. PowerWare ransomware will additionally leave behind various .html... virus

How to remove virus virus is a term used to identify a browser hijacker that utilizes various potentially unwanted program and potentially malicious browser attachments to change your homepage,... virus

How to remove virus virus is an expression applied to multiple potentially unwanted programs and browser attachments that hijack your existing homepage and search engine in order to cause...