How To Redirect Website Users And Viewers To A Random Post On WordPress

[Normal_Box]Redirect WordPress Website Users and Visitors To A Random Post

How To Redirect Website Users To A Random Post

This is written for instances where you want to redirect your WordPress website users and viewers to a random post, via menu item, page, plain ol’ text link, button, etc using SEO friendly redirect codes.

  • For other random post scenarios read this post to use a simple PHP code.
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    Step 1: Create a php file

    Creating a PHP file can be done many different ways. (Beginner examples: Use Microsoft Notepad and paste the code below, then save your extension as PHP. Or change an existent PHP file and paste the code below. )

    Copy and paste Name the file page-random.php and paste in the code below:[Normal_Box]

    // set arguments for get_posts()
     $args = array(
     'numberposts' => 1,
     'orderby' => 'rand'
    // get a random post from the database
     $my_random_post = get_posts ( $args );
    // process the database request through a foreach loop
     foreach ( $my_random_post as $post ) {
     // redirect the user to the random post
     wp_redirect ( get_permalink ( $post->ID ), 307 );


    Step 2: Upload page-random.php into your theme’s directory

    Your theme’s directory can be found in your FTP manager under wp-content>Themes>Your Theme.

    Step 3: Create a page titled “random” on WordPress

    Login to your WordPress dashboard, create a new page and title it random.

    Once you have created the random page in your WordPress interface users who visit will be directed to a random post.

    307 HTTP redirect codes

    Adapted into the code above is a 307 status code. Using 307 codes for redirecting users to random posts will allow search engine bots to understand this is just a temporary redirect, otherwise redirects are not considered SEO friendly.[/Normal_Box]
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    1. ReplyRahul Chowdhury
      Awesome, works great, I was looking for this code for ages.
    2. ReplyJordanMarieKilb
      Thanks, that was easy!
    3. ReplyChristopher
      Others wrote bad redirect codes which I ended up getting penalized for. I now figure because they didn't include the 307 in their redirect code part only a 302. Thank you for sharing, wish I found this first.
    4. ReplyAshley Houston
      Cool. thank you!
    5. Replydesigner_mark
      Good post. Always works like a charm. This is the right way to redirect users. You can also change the number of posts from 1: 'numberposts' => 10,
    6. ReplyBrian
      Thanks for including the 307 redirect code.