How To Start A WordPress Newsletter

Starting A Professional WordPress Newsletter

So you want to create a professional newsletter for your WordPress website? One that’s easy to organize, with html templates, and rich in features… oh, and you want to be able to send bulk newsletter from one place: Your WordPress dashboard using your existing WordPress subscribers.
Well you’re absolutely in luck because there is a great WordPress newsletter plugin called “WordPress Email Newsletter Plugin”!

WordPress Newsletter Plugin

WordPress Email Newsletter Plugin is the most popular newsletter plugin for WordPress from Code Canyon, having the highest amount of total downloads.

The WordPress Email Newsletter Plugin lets you do so much more than any other WordPress newsletter plugins on the market, which explains it‘s massive popularity.

WordPress Newsletter


  • The “WordPress Email Newsletter Plugin” allows WordPress website administrators to send bulk newsletters to existing WordPress members and allows you to do so by specific groups and schedules, such as choosing to send newsletters to administrators, subscribers, authors, and so on in a series of custom campaigns.
  • You can also set a limit to email sent per day and fill out sender information from different email addresses.
  • The newsletter plugin allows you to track whom opens the newsletter, and more. It’s a great feature for understanding the bounce and success of your newsletter campaign.
  • Included in the plugin are great HTML email templates you can chose from and customize. Visually there are beautiful designs to chose from, but if you would rather create or input your own, you have the options to do so.

Demo | Screenshots

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  1. Jon says:

    One of the better plugins for WordPress.
    Newsletter plugins in general really.

  2. Good post.
    My company actually uses the newsletter plugin extended license and our clients have been very satisfied with it.
    We always recommend it and install it on most of our themes.

  3. Melissa says:

    Great plugin recommendations!

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