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turn off Microsoft personalized ads

How to turn off Microsoft personalized ads

Microsoft displays personalized ads on machines and devices, including Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox, and others, as well as Microsoft Edge browser introduced with Windows 10. Microsoft claims that it tries to show you the ads you may be most interested in. The ads Microsoft displays are chosen based on the sites that you visit, your online searches, and more. They do not use information you say in emails, chat, video calls or voice mail to formulate advertisements, although it should be noted that Microsoft does have access to that information.

turn off Microsoft personalized ads

  • To turn off Microsoft personalized advertisements visit https://choice.microsoft.com/opt-out and click Off next to “Personalized ads in this browser.”
  • This option can also be located in your privacy settings: Go to Start Menu > Settings > Privacy > General > Manage my Microsoft advertising and other personalization info. In the general section of your privacy settings you can also chose to turn off several privacy options, including “Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps.”

The feature on the mentioned webpage will allow you to opt out of Microsoft Advertisements on the browser you are using and wherever you use your Microsoft account. This now does allow you to block advertisements altogether, or third-party ads, such as Google AdWords or adware like MNTR. This will only stop Microsoft from using your personal information to generate ads it feels you are most likely to click on.

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