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the biggest files on your computer

How to find and delete the biggest files on your computer

This tutorial will help you locate and delete files and file types of files that use the most disk space on your computer’s hard drive. In this tutorial, I will help you find the biggest files on your computer, the types of files that take up the most space, and provide you with instructions that explain how to easily delete the biggest files from your computer.

There are many reasons why people want to find the biggest files on their hard drives and they may not necessarily want to delete them, so this guide is designed to help people who simply want to see which files are the biggest and those who want to locate the biggest files and delete them.

In addition, this guide can help you free up space and manage the space on your hard drive by showing you which files and file types on your computer take up the most space.

Make sure you don’t delete a file that is important to you or necessary for your operating system. Inspect files before you delete them!

    1. Download and install CCleaner.
    2. Launch CCleaner and go to Tools > Disk Analyzer.

ccleaner disk analyzer

    1. Select the categories and drives you want to analyze and click the Analyze button to begin.
    2. Once CCleaner analysis your system it will display a list of categories and files.


    1. To find the biggest file on your computer, sort the Size column. You will be able to read the file name, file path, file type, file size, file category, and when the file was last modified.

delete selected files

  1. To delete a file, select it, right-click the file, and click Delete Selected Files. You can individually select multiple files at once, select highlighted files, select all the same file types, and select all files.

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