Stop referrals that forward to “” in Google Analytics is a WordPress theme and plugin website that engages in a blackhat SEO tactic known as referrer spam. utilizes the spam URL in order to fill your Google Analytics data with fraudulent referral traffic called ghost traffic. This type of traffic doesn’t actually “land” on your website.

referrals that forward to

Referrer spam generally helps desperate websites promote their products and services; However, it can negatively affect your website’s analytical data provided by Google Analytics. If you value your website’s appropriate data you will want to stop referrals that forward to in Google Analytics by creating a simple exclude filter that includes the forwarding URLs as the filter name. This is explained below and it’s very easy to accomplish.

Referrer spam can junk-up your Google Analytics data. It can negatively affect Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, and Conversions reports. An example of the data it an essentially “ruin” includes your website’s bounce rate. referrer spam typically lands on a single webpage on your website and leaves your website from the same webpage, thus creating a 100% bounce rate. If you receive multiple hits from referrer spam URLs in your Google Analytics data your bounce rate can go through the roof! referrer spam and referrer spam in general can essentially ruin all your website’s data like new sessions percentage, time on site, geographical location and much more. It is really an unethical tactic employed by the most desperate websites on the net. Referrer spam websites disregard you and your website’s data in order to turn you into a potential customer and sometimes boost their rank in search results pages by creating backlinks off of your website’s access logs. We strongly suggest to avoid referrer spam websites altogether and never give spammers your personal information. All these people want to do is market to you and they are willing to destroy their own reputation to do so.

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What is is a questionable WordPress theme and plugin website that engages in a blackhat SEO tactic known as referrer spam. The website promotes WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, and package deals that contain a mixture of both.

what is teslathemes

Referrer spammers target the referral traffic of your website for several reasons:

  • Referrer spammers want to promote a website and want you to visit the webpage or search for it online through Google search engine results pages.
  • Referrer spammers want to boost their rank on Google search engine results pages by creating backlinks. They do this by logging requests into your website’s access log, which is then crawled by Google’s indexing bots and seen as a backlink to the spam site.

How to block referrals

This guide shows you how to stop referrals that forward to in Google Analytics by creating an exclude filter to stop referrer spam at the source.

1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin tab and click All Filters.

add filter

2. Click the ADD FILTER button to create a new exclude filter.

block referrer spam

3. Add or something you can easily remember as the Filter Name.

4. Select the Custom Filter Type.

block referrer spam google analytics

5. In Filter Field, find and select Campaign Source in the list. In the Filter Pattern text box, add the URL that forwards to and click the blue Save button on the bottom of the webpage. You can add multiple URLs to the filter patter. To add multiple spam URLs make a Filter Pattern similar to this: | |

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