RingCentral.com Email Phishing Alert: “New Voice Message” Fake Email Spam

Warning: If you have received suspicious email from RingCentral.com stating you have new voice messages, do not open the email. Delete the email immediately.

Recently many internet users have been complaining about fake RingCentral.com emails stating they have a “new voice message” from a different pattern of numbers belonging mostly to the Montserrat in the Caribbean Islands (IE: 664-949-934), as well as other locations.

New Voice Message from 664-949-9345 RingCentral.com

Though RingCentral.com is a legitimate website these are fake emails that provide malicious links anchored by “you can listen to your message by clicking here“. These clickable links may download malware, viruses, and Trojans to your computer and/or lead you to a drive-by-download website (which installs malware, viruses, and/or Trojans).

RingCentral Email Spam Phishing

How to tell if emails from RingCentral.com are fake

1. If the email includes more than one recipient, it’s spam. RingCentral only sends vmail notifications to ONE recipient.
RnigCentral 2 Email Recepients
2. Hover your mouse over the link (do not click the link). If the URL is NOT a RingCentral site, do not click it!
RingCentral Email Scam Link

Check your system for malware

If you have clicked a suspicious link and suspect malware may have been introduced to your system a suggestion would be to use Antivirus/Anti-Malware software to detect and remove any malicious intrusions.

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