Phishing Website: – AVASoft Professional Antivirus Scam

What is (AVASoft scam site)? is a website used to distribute and promote fake Windows Antivirus and Antispyware software known as AVASoft Professional Antivirus. AVAsoft Antivirus is considered dangerous rogue software that is involved in severe forms of cyber criminal activities, including credit theft, extortion, and identity theft. At minimal, AVASoft Professional offers no benefit to computer users. AVASoft’s software performs fraudulent computer scans and displays fake security alerts. Scam

The website claims that AVASoft software is a comprehensive and powerful tool used to remove viruses, aggressive adware, malware, spyware. hijackers, trojans, worms, and other threats. In reality, as stated before, the AVASoft Antivirus software offers no benefit to the computer user and is considered dangerous by many security experts. is not safe is a phishing site that engages in unethical marketing practices, social engineering, and the spread of computer viruses and malware.

Remove AVASoft Professional Antivirus

If you have installed AVASoft Antivirus – Antispyware software from and other sources, please follow the link below for complete removal instructions.

Redirect to

Many victims AVASoft malware often complain of redirections to after they voluntarily installed the AVASoft Antivirus software from It has also been reported that AVASoft may install to a computer without consent and cause internet browser to redirect to and other websites.