How to remove Kangobox adware

Sean Doyle

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  1. Kangobox installed itself on my computer generating popups which is using my broadband usage with out my wishes I don’t know yet wh
    at other damage it has caused yet

  2. Michele says:

    Managed to get rid Kangobox eventually by running Malwarebytes and Super anti spyware simulaniously Hope this helps

  3. Anthony says:

    when i go to find it in the list it is not there. but when i look down at the gray bar at the bottom of my screen were the start menu is, its symbol is on right of the gray bar….i dont understand!!!!nothing is helping!!!!

    • Admin says:

      So its not on the add/remove programs (uninstall) list?
      Have you searched Computer>C:>Program Files and browsed for Kangobox?
      Or possibly Computer>C:>Windows
      And again Computer>C:>Windows>Win32
      The main folder should be titled “Kangobox” or “Click Potato

      The easiest way to go is to simply use search.

      There are a ton of other ways to go about deleting Kangobox or rendering it useless:
      Recover/Restore your computer to a previous time before Kangobox issues.
      Windows Firewall Inbound and Outbound rules: Found under the “Advanced Settings” in “Windows Firewall”

      If you need any help feel free to send us an email or you can personally email me at

  4. Chuck Dollan says:

    We get a lot of views from Kangobox searches. Here’s a full page/more complete page, less ranty:

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