How to fix HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled. (Roku)

HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled (Roku fix)

If you own a Roku streaming media player, including the Roku LT, Roku 2, and Roku 3 you may have experienced issues when attempting to actually make a connection to a video stream.

HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled fix roku

Recently a friend of mine plugged in his new Roku 3, set up his NBA League Pass account, and attempted to view a live NBA game. However, when he tried to view the live media stream of the NBA game on the NBA Game Time channel for his Roku 3 he was not able to view the video and received an error that said “HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled.”

He was still able to hear the audio from the NBA game, but could not view the video. The video was unconventionally blocked by a purple screen that insisted that the Roku 3’s content is disabled.

My friend who regularly uses NBA League Pass (as do I on Apple TV) suddenly became confused. He had the rights to view this content, he paid $200 to view this content, why can’t he view it?

He contacted me after a few moments and after a quick Google search I noticed that this HDCP unauthorized Roku error was not significant to NBA Game Time or NBA League Pass. Many Roku 3 users have had the same error appear when attempting to view videos on Netflix, Crackle, Amazon video, and others. The HDCP error even occurred for many users who simply want to view the Roku interface.

Once my friend contacted me about this issue I instructed him to send me a picture on his phone (above) of the Roku 3 error and check his HDMI connection. Upon inspection of his HDMI cable he discovered that it was slightly broken from his TV previously having fallen while the HDMI cable was plugged in.

He replaced the slightly damaged HDMI cable with a new one and what do you know? The Roku 3 HDCP unauthorised – Content disabled error was complexly fixed. He was able to view content on his Roku 3 without error, including the NBA Game Time app and all of the games on his NBA League Pass account.

Green Arrow Bullet   How to fix the HDCP unauthorised Roku error

  1. It’s simple. Restart your Roku by completely unplugging the machine for over 10 seconds.
  2. If this does not fix the error you need to replace the HDMI cable to one that is not damaged.

The HDMI cable my friend was previously using was only slightly damaged. You could barely tell unless you held it right under your nose, but this cable/chord is what caused the issue and replacing it fixed this Roku error.

A website visitor suggests that this Roku error can be fixed by restarting the Roku Player. Before purchasing a new cable, attempt to restart your machine a good amount of times to see if that does the trick.

*It should be noted that this error is not directly related to the actual Roku Player itself.


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6 replies to “How to fix HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled. (Roku)

  1. Anonymous

    I had the same problem with two different HDMI cords that worked fine with other devices. Restarting my Roku several times did the trick. Thank you so much!

    1. Sean Doyle Post author

      I disagree. Most of the time you need to replace your HDMI cable… “MOST” of the time. However you are correct that the issue may be solved by restarting the Roku… But most people have tried restarting the machine prior to visiting this website therefore this solution is listed.

      I will add the information you provided into the article in the future – so thanks for bringing it up Tal!