How to fix “HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled.” (Roku)

If you own a Roku streaming media player, including the Roku LT, Roku 2, and Roku 3 you may have experienced issues when attempting to actually make a connection to a video stream.

HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled fix roku

Recently a friend of mine plugged in his new Roku 3, set up his NBA League Pass account, and attempted to view a live NBA game. However, when he tried to view the live media stream of the NBA game on the NBA Game Time channel for his Roku 3 he was not able to view the video and received an error that said “HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled.”

He was still able to hear the audio from the NBA game, but could not view the video. The video was unconventionally blocked by a purple screen that insisted that the Roku 3’s content is disabled.

My friend who regularly uses NBA League Pass suddenly became confused. He had the rights to view this content, he paid $200 to view this content, why can’t he view it?

He contacted me after a few moments and after a quick Google search I noticed that this HDCP unauthorized Roku error was not significant to NBA Game Time or NBA League Pass. Many Roku 3 users have had the same error appear when attempting to view videos on Netflix, Crackle, Amazon video, and others. The HDCP error even occurred for many users who simply want to view the Roku interface.

Once my friend contacted me about this issue I instructed him to send me a picture on his phone (above) of the Roku 3 error and check his HDMI connection. Upon inspection of his HDMI cable he discovered that it was slightly broken from his TV previously having fallen while the HDMI cable was plugged in.

He replaced the slightly damaged HDMI cable with a new one and what do you know? The Roku 3 HDCP unauthorised – Content disabled error was complexly fixed. He was able to view content on his Roku 3 without error, including the NBA Game Time app and all of the games on his NBA League Pass account.

The HDMI cable my friend was previously using was only slightly damaged. You could barely tell unless you held it right under your nose, but this cable/chord is what caused the issue and replacing it fixed this Roku error.

*It should be noted that this error is not directly related to the actual Roku Player itself.

How to fix the HDCP unauthorised Roku error

  1. Restart your Roku by completely unplugging the machine for over 10 seconds. Remove power and unplug the HDMI cable from your screen and device.
  2. If this does not fix the error you need to Replace the HDMI cable to one that is not damaged.
  • Annette Gerosa

    BAM! It worked! Big thanks!

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    Thank you. This did the trick quickly!

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    This did the trick! Thanks 🙂

  • SMP

    Thanks, went to unplug the cable and POP just started working with a little wiggle :}

  • Ally

    Thank you! All I did was unplug, wait 10 sec, plug in, and voila. I didn’t even touch the HDMI cable. I’m usually unlucky with the simplest solution, but got lucky this time.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your advice on this!!! It worked for mine.

  • tanster

    reboot and reseeded HDMI cable and it worked!! thanks

    • Sajid

      Had same error shut off Roku and unplugged hdmi cable everything works after reboot. Wish I read this a week ago thought there was something wrong with my parents international channel lineup. I fixed the problem after I checked the Roku out and every other channel had the same problem.

  • Anonymous

    I also had the same problem with my Roku 3 – tried all the above – nothing worked. I replugged, unplugged, new cable, switched cables – nada. I was told by customer service to buy a new roku! Mine is only 1 1/2 yrs old. 12/1/16

  • Mike

    Reboot worked for me

  • Anonymous

    Thanks, reboot worked. Confusing though.

  • My Roku is not working, I have tried everything. It was working until grand boy wanted to watch YouTube. I’m sure I entered things correctly! Now I have a purple screen that says “HDCP’unauthorised content”; how do I get to see the picture again. I did see it for a few seconds, then it went purple again!

  • Anonymous

    It worked. Thanx

  • Louie

    Change of HDMI cable did it for me.

  • Bunny Lloyd

    Problem fixed. HDMI cable had come loose on the back of the TV. I was binge watching a show on HULU and my screen showed this error on HULU, Nexflix and TWC TV. I had audio but this screen. I unplugged the TV, HULU – unplugged all connecting cables and re-plugged, unplugged the TWC cable box, router and re-plugged. The final step was when I read this article that said check the HDMI cable on the HULU.

    Did anyone else notice this error had “unauthorised” not the correct “unauthorized” in the message?

  • Amanda

    My roku did this, I used bing, here i am. While I was using Bing I also reset the roku with the reset button. It worked! Anytime you plug your roku remote in to a new TV make sure to press the reset button. 🙂

  • Alan

    I have a Roku stick that does this. Here is my solution. plug the usb power cord into the usb port on the tv not the wall socket. Roku power cycles every time you turn on tv. Also if you change feeds and it does this then simply turn off tv and restart without having to unplug stuff.

  • Dana

    Went to settings and restarted Roku the problem was fixed

  • Charles Fox

    When I Originally installed ROKU 3 everything worked fine. Didn’t use for awhile. Now I get the blue screen and sound. Contacted ROKU support did everything they suggested bought new cables powered on off connected disconnected.Help

  • PJ

    I get same error message. I tried other HDMI cords in all HDMI ports. Same error continues. All cords work on other TVs. Roku works fine on other TVs. I’m told my HDMI ports are bad on my TV.

    • JM

      Before you get a new tv or have that one repaired, if you can, try another device. It’s only one of my roku’s that doesn’t work on my living room tv. My other roku works on it. All my roku’s work on all other tv’s .

  • JM

    Riddle me this! I have one roku 3 that won’t work (Blue Screen as described above) on my living room tv. I changed the hdmi cable and the ports. No good. I took this roku to a different tv (bedroom) and it works fine. I then took the bedroom roku 3 back to the problem tv in living room and it works fine there. So I switched them and the problem is solved. Not so easy for me. I want to know. I took that roku (originally from living room, back to the living room and it won’t work there. I don’t get it. It seems this roku does not get along with my living room tv only. The other roku does. Let’s see someone crack this one.

  • Adrian R

    Mine happens if the TV is turned off or source is changed then changed back. It fixes when I power cycle the Roku stick, but if the before conditions are repeated, same error and same fix. Kinda annoying.

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    Hey, Thanks for your great advice Sean. It was such an easy fix, too. I thought the problem was because I downgraded my cable service. Comcast sent me to Roku. Their rep said I needed windows for them to fix problem–I use a chromebook and thought I was out of luck. So, you are my hero today.

  • Mo

    It worked! Thank you so much!

    • Bill Whitt

      Thanks for your suggestion. All I had to do to fix my reception was reattach my HDMI cable. Apparently when I turned the TV slightly I caused the HDMI cable to lose it’s connection. Simply reconnecting both ends of the cable fixed it.

  • sonia

    Thank you it worked immediately after I plugged it back in. thanks your the best

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Sean! We did find we had to unhook the HDMI cord from our HDMI switcher and connect it directly to the TV, then it worked fine

  • Anonymous

    One more win for the good guys! Unplugged my roku, waited ten seconds and BAM, fixed. My roku is an XD and four or five years old now. Thought this wouldnt fix it up with it being an older model but its working great. THANK YOU!!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much! I unplugged my Roku 2 and swapped out the HDMI cable just as suggested. It worked like a charm. Great and clear instructions. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the advice. Got it running!

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    I have no clue why this technically would work but it does so I’m good to go thank you

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    Thank you. That worked. Just replacing the HDMI did not.

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    I reversed the HMDI cable connections and that did the trick.

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    I am good now. It took 5 tries but I unplugged the cable from the use piet on the stick and waited 30 seconds then plugged it back up and it worked. Wahooooooooo we are in business.

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    I just ran into this problem trying to play video from Amazon on my Roku 3. I unplugged the Roku, and plugged it back in. That solved the problem.

  • Lynn

    Thanks so much. Unplugged HDMI cable and power cord. Waited 10 seconds plugged back in and fixed it right up.

  • anonymous

    Just settled on the couch for a movie and got the error. Unplugging roku 2 power and hdmi cable did not work. Then turned off tv unplugged everything. After turning on tv and reconnecting roku, all works. Thank you

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    Definitely worked. Even though my Roku was a SD Roku. I just took it out of the slot and reinserted it. Thanks so much!

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    Have you tried turning it off and then on again?

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    Thank you! This just happened to me on Roku/Amazon Prime.

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    Thank you so much! This happened with Amazon (& as a result I played on my laptop plugged in via hdmi to tv), but just happened with Roku and Jessica Jones so had to find a permanent solution! You gave it to me. Unplugged the roku power 10 seconds and voila! perfect again.

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    A quick search revealed your solution. Disconnected power, then retried. That was all I needed to do. We’re back in business, and the kid is happy. Thank you.

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    Sean, thank you. Have owned the roku 2 for 4yrs. & never seen this message on my tv before this morning. Your quick fix instructions worked great.

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    Unplugged, waited 30 secs, plugged in, Voila! This seems to be an easy solution for a lot of electronics, dvr, wi-fi, phone, computer. Turn if off, wait a few, turn it back on. This reset seems to solve a lot of basic problems.

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    Homes! you astound me. Unplugged everything and changed cable. Put back together and a miracle occurred. Moving pictures on a screen. What next? Telephones in every house. That will be the day.


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    Thank you very much! My HDMI cord was new. A total unplug, wait, and reconnect worked. I appreciate your excellent help.

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      Tried this option first, my power plug was connected to a crappy extension saw some small burn marks on the extension cord. Plugged it into a new surge protector. Just like new! Thnx!

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    hey..thanks a lot.. My hdmi cable was just a little loose.. Its fixed now.

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    Unplugging the Roku has fixed the probem for me, but the problem occurred again the next time I tried to stream a movie from Amazon. I have only used my Roku twice and had problems both times and restarting fixed it both times. I would hope that Roku Engineers can solve this problem if they care enough. Users should not have to unplug and restart the Roku if their technology is ready for prime time.

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    I had the same problem with two different HDMI cords that worked fine with other devices. Restarting my Roku several times did the trick. Thank you so much!

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    Great advise. We just need to restart in order to get it running! Thanks!