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$100 Kroger Coupon scam

Kroger is not giving away a free $100 Kroger Coupon (Scam)

Kroger is not giving away a free $100 Kroger Coupon. However, a new scam that hijacks your Facebook profile, phishes your personal information, and spreads malware has been circulating on Facebook which claims otherwise. The $100 Kroger Coupon scam claims that Facebook users can receive a free $100 Kroger coupon by visiting specific webpages. Unlike various Facebook hoaxes, this scam is very dangerous and intrusive. The $100 Kroger Coupon scam is designed to trick Facebook users into believing that they can receive a free $100 Kroger coupon by following instructions on a webpage or participating in online surveys. Some of these websites host malware and will infect your computer with malicious software.

$100 Kroger Coupon scam

The way the “$100 Kroger Coupon” scam works is that a compromised Facebook account or Facebook user has been duped by this scam shares a link to a malicious websites that claims you can get a free $100 Kroger coupon. Once a Facebook user clicks the link their Facebook profile will be taken over by the scam artists via an automatic web attack known as a Facebook Manual Share attack. Malware may also spared onto the computer. Facebook users who are directed to the malicious website may land on a webpage that contains instructions to get your free $100 Kroger coupon. The page may claim that you need to share a link and comment on a post or complete a survey to get it. Surveys associated with this scam  are fake. They really just want you submit your personal information so they can use it for a palette marketing purposes.

Completing the instructions on the bad websites and completing fake surveys will not get you a free $100 Kroger coupon. This is a scam and Kroger has addresses this situation on their Facebook page. This scam is in no way linked to Kroger or any of their affiliates.

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How to deal with the “$100 Kroger Coupon” Facebook Scam

There are multeiple solutions to deal with the $100 Kroger Coupon Facebook scam.

  • Remove rogue Facebook Apps – Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Change your Facebook password – Go to your Facebook Settings and make sure to log out of every device if you are prompted to do so when you change your Facebook password. This will stop unauthorized access to your account.
  • If you think your computer is infected with malware we strongly suggest to download and install reputable Anti-Malware software such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and run a scan to detect and remove malicious files.

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