How to disable Facebook Birthday notifications

If you’re like me you can’t stand getting Facebook birthday notifications. Especially Facebook Birthday notifications that alert your phone or let you know that friends you have not spoken to since elementary school are having birthdays. The thing is, if you’re not my family, good friend, or someone I care about, I just don’t want to be notified by my phone or Facebook that it is your birthday. There are a lot of people in my same boat, and fortunately we can disable Facebook Birthday notifications and stop them from reaching our phones.

How to disable Facebook Birthday notifications

Facebook birthday notifications

1. Click the Facebook Menu icon on the top blue bar and go to Settings.

2. On the Settings page select Notifications on the left side bar.

disable Facebook Birthday notifications

3. In the “What You Get Notified About” section click Edit next to Birthdays and select Off from the drop-down menu. This option allows you to choose whether you want to get notifications about your friends’ birthdays.