Trend Rv is not giving away unsealed RVs on Facebook

A Facebook like-farming scam associated with advance-free fraud claims that Trend Rv is giving away “unsealed major RVs” to 20 Facebook users who share a photo they posted, like their Facebook page, and comment “DONE” on the post.

trend rv unsealed rv scam

A deceptive Facebook page named Trend Rv has recently published a Facebook post in hopes the scam Facebook users. The post contains several images of a RV and claims that 20 random Facebook users who share their photo, like “Ourpage,” and comment “DONE” on the post will be given the opportunity to win the pictured RV. The post claims that they have 20 major Rv that can’t be sold because they have been unsealed.

Is Trend Rv giving away unsealed RVs?

NO. The information published by the Trend Rv Facebook post is entirely false. You will not be given a chance to win a luxurious unsealed RV from the fake and malicious Facebook page.

Why is this scam dangerous?

Facebook scams like this are very common and easy to point out. There are many similar Facebook scams designed to trick users into believing that they can win some sort of prize by following instructions published in a Facebook post. The reason why cybercriminals conduct these types of Facebook scams are to gather Facebook likes, direct users to a survey-scam website, and obtain targets potentially gullible enough to fall for future scams, including advance fee fraud.

Facebook likes are designed to make the Trend Rv Facebook page seem safe and legitimate to other people. The more likes a Facebook page has, the more realistic it might seem to people.

Furthermore, Facebook users who are duped by scams like this will become targeted for other scams by the party behind the initial scam. The fake Trend Rv Facebook page or another account associated with the Facebook page might send victims who followed the instructions private messages claiming that they won an unsealed RV or another prize. The scammers will then ask the targeted victim for an advance payment, for shipping or other purposes. However, once the advance payment is received the victim will not receive the prize and will most likely be blocked from viewing other content posted by the dubious Facebook page. This is called advanced-free fraud and it happens all the time.

Trend Rv Facebook post examples

If you come across Facebook posts like this make sure to ignore them. You can also report them to Facebook and warn others, including your duped friends, about them by sharing the content on this page.

We have got 20(Major Rv) that can´t be sold because
they have been unsealed.Therefore we are giving them away for free.
Want one of them ? Just Share this photo& Like Ourpage’ and we will choose 20 people completely at random on 17 October! as your Luck day
Comment ” DONE ”

  • Anonymous

    They are still at it as the “prize draw” is being shared on Facebook. Got a friend request but removed it and the post. Thank you for taking the time to warn people.

  • Anonymous

    People are so so gullible, and these things feed on that and people’s greed.

  • Anonymous

    I was told by a man named michael benjamin with trend rv that I won a motorhome. All I have to do is pay 200 for delivery. Said it would b delivered we’d or thur. I told them I would come pick it up.they said they have to make pics at my house. Then I messaged trend rv. Told them the story caused first person blocked me. This guy michael said they were scammed and had hacked into their system and got winners name. He showed me pics and told me it was worth 50,000. He also said I couldn’t tell anyone until after delivery even my husband couldn’t b told. If this is a scam shut them down. He said they were in irvington nj. Put a stop to this bs and shut their systems down,

  • Anonymous

    Trend is a scam, tried to get money from me today after telling me I was winner.