How to block “Deceptive site ahead” security error on Google Chrome

Sean Doyle

Sean Doyle is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. Sean's primary focuses include Internet Security, Web Spam, and Online Marketing.

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  1. suraj kumar says:

    hii sir piz help me my site is Deceptive site ahead

  2. Steven Bland says:

    There needs to be a whitelist. This nonsense appears every time I visit certain sites I am completely comfortable with. It is an annoyance.

  3. Thanks for the help. Much needed. Just want to tell you that your link for uBlock Origin is not working.

  4. CalmestChaos says:

    Agreed, Why is this an all or nothing option. It makes no sense that there is not a white-list for it. Personally, A site I visited literally thousands of times recently got this warning, and thanks to a bug, My scroll wheel occasional gets completely disabled, forcing me to open up a whole new tab, go through the view site away several times. I trust this site, and even if they did try to do any of those things, I would catch on before it happened because of my familiarity with it, and the only risk is a secret download that I can’t stop anyway. I have navigated around that warning over 100 times because of this tab wide scroll bug in the last 2 weeks. If i want to not see it, I have to not only remove it for that site, but for all the actually dangerous sites as well, And worse, it doesn’t tell me at all that they are dangerous, so I will be hundreds of times more at risk if I enter the wrong character and get a Phishing site instead, when the warning could have stopped me. So the site where my defenses are already up and established, I don’t care about the warning, but for every other one where I don’t go with an army, I want the warning to prepare it, But that is impossible. Its either I march the army for no reason back and forward between places I already know are safe enough, Or I never take it anywhere, and hope I catch the trap on my own before it springs.

  5. I visit my credit union site regularly without a problem; however, this morning I got this security error Deceptive Site Ahead. How do I specify this site as safe so I don’t have to click Details to get through to it?

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