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How to remove Keep It Smart (Virus Removal Guide)

What is Keep It Smart?

Keep It Smart, also known as Keep it Protected, is a browser extension published by Dragon Boss Solutions, a self-described business that keeps that allegedly provides “search monetization solutions” and goes by the moniker Search Tools. The extension is compatible with Google Chrome and other Chromium web browsers; However, there are issues with how the extension is advertised and what it does once it is installed which is why the extension may be recognized as malicious, malware, a virus, or potentially unwanted application or program.

keep it smart extension


When the Keep It Smart extension is installed it will adopt several permissions and automatically replace the default search provider with its own website, keepitsmart.today, which acts as an ‘interceptor’ website (middle-man that collects data and redirects the user) that can collect user browsing data and install files on the user’s device before redirecting them to search.yahoo.com (Yahoo) or another legitimate third-party search engine that is in no way affiliated with the extension nor the native website.

Keep It Smart has permission to:

  • Read your browsing history
  • Change your search settings to: keepitsmart.today or keepitprotected.today

Does Keep It Smart work?

In the Chrome Web Store repository, Keep It Smart is actually titled “Keep It Protected” and the description provided by the publisher says that the extension is “the protected way to search the web.” Based on this alone, the extension is not technically called Keep It Protected and in no way can provide what anyone would consider any type of protection therefore it can be argued that the extension does not work as advertised right off the bat since it is not what is being advertised.

keep it smart keep it protected

It further states “this extension optimizes Chrome’s default search” by providing “search engine results pages (SERPS) from Yahoo.” It follows this statement with “you can directly run searches from Chrome’s search bar.” While this is true, the extension will show you search results from Yahoo, the ability to use Chrome’s search bar to search the web is a default feature of Google Chrome as is the ability to manually change the default search provider to Yahoo or another search engine or website.

  • The extension does not provide any form of protection in any way
  • The extension does not provide a feature that is not already a default feature of Google Chrome

In conclusion, the Keep It Smart extension does not work as advertised; it does not provide any type of protection nor does it have unique features that are not already prominent on Google Chrome.

Is Keep It Smart safe?

Aside from being useless to the user, the Keep It Smart extension may be recognized as malicious likely in the “hijacker” category due to the fact that it will change the user’s search settings and cause the browser to redirect to third-party websites.

keep it smart search provider

In addition, the publisher utilizes questionable marketing activities as the Google Web Store information is incorrect and the extension is often promoted by malicious third-party advertising networks on websites known to host malware such as websites that contain potentially prohibited and copyrighted content like torrents and streaming videos. This can cause the extension to be installed without user knowledge and consent, as well as alongside third-party malware, adware, spyware, viruses, and other severe security threats.

uninstall keep it smart

The extension may install multiple extensions alongside it including Keep It Protected and Keep It Secure.

It can be concluded that the Keep It Secure extension is not recommended to use.

How to remove Keep It Smart

remove keep it smart


  1. Click the Extensions icon (puzzle piece) to bring down a small menu of all extensions.
  2. Find the extension you want to remove, click the More actions icon (3 vertical dots) next to it, and select Remove from Chrome…
  3. Make sure to remove Keep It Smart, Keep It Protected, Keep It Secure, and other extensions you aren’t familiar with.
  4. Download the Malwarebytes setup file for the version you wish to use.
  5. Locate the setup file (MBSetup.exe) and open it to begin the installation process.
  6. Once Malwarebytes is installed click the Scan button.
  7. When finished, Malwarebytes will show a list of results including the detection names. Click the Quarantine button to remove all selected threats.
  8. Malwarebytes may require a system reboot. If so, restart your computer to complete the process.

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