What is YouTube Red? How to get a Free Trial, Sign Up, and Cancel your Membership

YouTube Red

YouTube Red is a new ad-free video streaming service by Google that was launched on October 28th. However, many YouTube users are just now getting an “Introducing YouTube Red” message when they access YouTube from a mobile device or PC. The pop-up message from YouTube asks YouTube users if they would like a try it free. It also gives the option to chose “Not Now.” YouTube users who start the YouTube Red free trial will get 1 month for free, which is valued at $9.99. YouTube Red uses Google Wallet just like normal apps and signing up is as simple as tapping the screen on your phone.

what is youtube red

YouTube Red is actually pretty cool. It’s an advertisement-free service that allows YouTube Red subscribers to watch YouTube videos without advertisements. It works on your TV, computer, and mobile device. It also allows subscribers to save videos and play videos in the background; something I’m looking forward to doing since I always “listen” to music on YouTube via my mobile device and trying to search for things at the same time.

YouTube Red free trial

Furthermore, in 2016 YouTube Red will launch original content and videos only available to YouTube Red subscribers. This will allow YouTube Red to compete with the likes of popular streaming subscription services like Netflix.

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