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wordpresscore.com referral google analytics

Block wordpresscore.com referral spam in Google Analytics

WordPresscore.com is a new referrer spam URL we recently discovered and did quite a bit of research on. First off, wordpresscore.com is a website that is owned by an alias named Vishnudath Mangilipudi. The owner name and wordpresscore.com website both have a history of hacking websites through various WordPress plugins and other brute force methods. The hacker once obtained access to the Custom Content Type Manager (CCTM) WordPress plugin and added a backdoor into it. Over 10,000 users had the WordPress plugin installed at the time it was compromised. Now the hacker is taking a different route to attract web traffic to his website.

wordpresscore.com referral google analytics

Currently, wordpresscore.com referral traffic has been seen in multiple Google Analytics reports across the world. The reason why you might notice wordpresscore.com referral traffic in your Google Analytics reports is unknown for now because the website is blank (which could be a bad thing – don’t visit it!). There is nothing for the hacker and spammer to promote on the webpage, which is unusual for a referrer spam website who usually promote web content, web services, and different types of applications.

Referrer spammers typically target your website’s data for several reasons:

  • Referrer spammers want to promote a website and want you to visit the webpage or search for it online through Google search engine results pages.
  • Referrer spammers want to boost their rank on Google search engine results pages by creating backlinks. They do this by logging requests into your website’s access log, which is then crawled by Google’s indexing bots and seen as a backlink to the spam site.

WordPresscore.com referrer spam is essentially designed to mix fraudulent web data into your Google Analytics reports in order to get your attention and persuade you to visit the URL in your browser. If you notice wordpresscore.com referral spam in your Google Analytics reports it means that your Google Analytics account was targeted by the spammer and hacker. Wordpresscore.com referral traffic does not actually land on your website. It is a type of web traffic known as ghost traffic that creates phantom web hits.

WordPresscore.com Google Analytics referrer spam can ruin your website’s analytical data measured by Google Analytics. It can affect most of the data in your reports with fake web traffic and data. For example, wordpresscore.com referrals will appear to land on a single webpage on your website and leave from the same website, which will create a 100% bounce rate. If your website is targeted by referrer spammers you may not be able to identify your website’s bounce rate. The same can be said about other data measured in most Google Analytics reports.

How to block wordpresscore.com referral spam

Stop wordpresscore.com referral spam in Google Analytics by creating an exclude filter to block wordpresscore.com referrer spam at the campaign source. This is the method recommended by Google to block referrer spam in your Google Analytics account.

1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin tab and click All Filters.

add filter

2. Click the ADD FILTER button to create a new exclude filter.

block referrer spam

3. Add wordpresscore.com or something you can easily remember as the Filter Name.

4. Select the Custom Filter Type.

block referrer spam google analytics

5. In Filter Field, find and select Campaign Source in the list. In the Filter Pattern text box, add wordpresscore.com and click the blue Save button on the bottom of the webpage. To add multiple URLs to the same filter you can make a Filter Pattern similar to this with a | between each URL: example.com | wordpresscore.com

WordPressCore.com Whois Information

Registrant Name: Vishnudath Mangilipudi
Registrant City: Nellore
Registrant State/Province: Andhra Pradesh
Registrant Postal Code: 524201
Registrant Country: IN
Registrant Phone: +91.8985005295
Registrant Email: vishnudath2@gmail.com

WordPresscore.com Technical Information

Nameserver 1: ns1.digitalocean.com. [‘’] [TTL=172800]
Nameserver 2: ns2.digitalocean.com. [‘’] [TTL=172800]
Nameserver 3: ns3.digitalocean.com. [‘’] [TTL=172800]
Hostmaster: hostmaster@wordpresscore.com
Serial #: 1449873418 | Refresh: 10800 | Retry: 3600 | Expire: 604800 | Default TTL: 1800

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