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WinZip Disk Tools

How to remove WinZip Disk Tools (Virus Removal Guide)

WinZip Disk Tools (Disk Tools by Winzip) is advertised as an Optimizer program compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, and Windows Vista that “scans your hard drive for performance improvements and safely cleans junk files to optimize your disk space.” WinZip Disk Tools claims that the program will help “increase the speed and stability of your
hard drive.”

WinZip Disk Tools
Like other programs by WinZip, the free program is considered to be an advertisement for the full version. Once a scan with the free version is complete it will state that numerous items were detected, but the items cannot be cleaned unless the full version is purchased.

WinZip Disk Tools virus

Instead, a pop-up message that says “register now to clean all junk files” and “to immediately clean, optimize, you need to register WinZip Disk Tools” will appear.

This is typically seen as a deceptive marketing tactic designed to obtain customers based on misleading information. For one, deleting files will not optimize a computer or enhance performance. Secondly, the program masquerades as a free program and users are not aware that they must purchase the program to actually use it until they scan their computers.

WinZip Disk Tools virustotal

Due to deceptive and unethical marketing and other security concerns, WinZip Disk Tools is detected as malware by Fortinet, GData, Kaspersky, and other antivirus programs.

How to remove WinZip Disk Tools

WinZip Disk Tools can be uninstalled from Windows through the Control Panel or Apps and Features. However, uninstalling the program through the Control Panel will not remove malware, adware, spyware, viruses, and other potential threats from an infected computer. To remove WinZip Disk Tools we recommend scanning your computer with reputable security software known to detect and remove WinZip Disk Tools and to use a second anti-malware program to eradicate remaining malware, adware, spyware, and viruses. Follow the removal instructions below to remove WinZip Disk Tools and other threats from an infected computer.

1. Download and install Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security, or Kaspersky Total Security to remove WinZip Disk Tools. Kaspersky will detect files associated with the program as “HEUR:Hoax.Win32.PCFixer.gen.”

Kaspersky scan

2. Once Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Internet Security, or Total Security is installed, open the program and click Scan.

Kaspersky run scan

3. Click Run Scan to proceed with the scan.

Kaspersky disinfect

4. When the scan is complete a pop-up notification may appear, check to Apply to all objects of this type and then click the Disinfect and restart the computer button. A second scan will appear before the system automatically restarts.

5. Next, download and install Malwarebytes to perform a secondary-scan and remove remaining files, malware, adware, spyware, and potentially unwanted programs.

malwarebytes scan now

6. Once Malwarebytes is installed, click the Scan Now button to begin scanning the computer.

7. When the scan is complete, click the Quarantine Selected button to remove all threats detected by Malwarebytes.

8. Reboot the computer.

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