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Warning A problem with the cooling system has been detected fix

Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected

Problem with the cooling system

Learn what the system warning ‘a problem with the cooling system has been detected” means and how to fix it.

What does it mean?

There is a design flaw with Toshiba laptop computers and ultrabooks including the Satellite family, Qosmio family, Poretege family, Tecra family, and Kirabook that causes a problem with the computer’s cooling system. Once the problem in the Toshiba laptop cooling system has been detected a System Warning will prompt that says “Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected. Please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.”

Warning A problem with the cooling system has been detected fix

The problem with the Toshiba laptop cooling system can happen for different reasons and can be fixed using several solutions. Most of the time a pre-installed program called VALUE ADDED PACKAGE (or similar) is the culprit. Uninstalling this specific program will stop the Toshiba System warning pop-ups.

In other cases the Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected message is displayed because the computer fan system or cooling system (as the message suggests) is covered in dust or ventilation is being blocked. Most Toshiba laptops have a ventilation locations directly on the bottom of the laptop and can be easily blocked by laps, table tops, paper, dust, and more.

The System Warning message can be very alarming and cause panic as the message details for the computer owner to “return the product for service.” Most Toshiba laptops have a 1 year warranty and Toshiba laptop owners may not be covered for extended service repairs. However, this System Warning message is essentially simple to bypass and remove.

During experiments with Toshiba laptops, the laptops we used never sustained additional issues once the System Warning pop-up message appeared. In minimal case studies the prompt message would appear more than once. Though we have never come across reports of any Toshiba computers becoming damaged by over-heating issues relating to the cooling problem message, it is still advised to seek professional help if the problem persists or occurs. If your computer system is emitting heat, immediately turn off your machine.

It should be noted that Toshiba is entirely aware of this design flaw and issue, but have never publicly acknowledged it or taken steps to repair the issues in future Toshiba machines. While this may sound like negative news for Toshiba, please understand that Toshiba makes premium laptops and this cooling system error message is rare.

How to fix it

The options below explain how to fix the Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected message.

  • Remove dust and debris
  • Uninstall Value Added Package or other software
  • Remove everything and reinstall Windows (Recovery\Reset)
  • Replace hardware

Remove dust and debris

Use computer spray or blow into your machine without getting moisture inside to get rid of excess dust and debris that may be interfering with your Toshiba laptop’s functionality. This is the most common issue.

Uninstall Value Added Package or other software

Some Toshiba laptops do not have this program installed, but many have reported that this application may be the culprit. It has been suggested that it will repair the issue if you uninstall the program. In an experiment we removed similar programs named Pokki and Wild Tangent games. Once these items were removed the computer worked without error.

Remove everything and reinstall Windows

Replace hardware

In some cases you may need to replace certain hardware on your computer including the cooling fan. Please seek a professional technician to diagnose the issue and repair your Toshiba computer cooling system problem.

In other cases the existing thermal paste on the processor may need to be replaced.

How to avoid the Toshiba System Warning

Please read the tips below to avoid the Warning: A problem with the cooling system has been detected alert on your Toshiba laptop computer.

  • Clean your computer and spray inside your machine frequently
  • Do not place your Toshiba laptop on carpet for extended periods of time
  • Turn off your laptop at night
  • Install and use CCleaner by Piriform to cleanup files and optimize your settings
  • Install and use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium to block malware that may ruin a computer’s functionality in real-time
  • Uninstall software you rarely use… Do you really need it? It could be ruining your computer’s performance
  • Utilize energy saving power settings (eco settings). Dim the display, put the machine in sleep or turn the power off in a short amount of minutes if the computer is not being used, and take advantage of other options. You can find solutions to do this in Power Settings

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    • Can you explain me how you managed to remove the added value package? I also want to remove it but I don’t know how to do it.

  • I replaced the fan and the heatsink compound. That made no difference. Seems to have started after a recent Windows 10 update. I am running CoreTemp and it does not show a heat problem. How do I stop that alert from repeating?

    I am a HW engineer. Had those freezing problems with my Toshiba Portege R700 for years. At first I eliminated it by not using the docking station, but not for long. It is not SW, but real heating problem (the docking station just blocked air flow).
    When opening the bottom of the laptop, you can see at the output of the fan an assembly with a copper bar connected to the heat sync at the side of the laptop. When removing two screws, the CPU chips are visible. There is a Thermal paste between the CPU and the heat sync assembly. Mine was totally dry. I put a new paste, tested with “TOSHIBA PC Health monitor” the temperature dropped from 105 degree Celsius to 80. Toshiba will never tell you about this.

  • I thought my Toshiba caused by placed on carped for long time at about six month and blocked by small red ants ? I am not sure Why ? because no sugar inside may Toshiba ?

  • I faced this problem for last 10 to 15 days. Even gave my laptop for service and cleaning. Nothing worked. The warning came after every 5 seconds or so making it impossible to do any real work. After reading your advise removed the value added package and wild tangent games. The warning notice seems to have gone now. The laptop is maintaining a steady CPU temperature between 75 to 80 Degrees celsus. The weather is quite hot actually. Outside temperature is about 39 degrees celsus. Inside the room around 33 to 34 degrees celsus. . Even then laptop seems to work all right. BTW I have a 4 year old Toshiba L735. Never had this problem earlier.
    Thanks a lot. It was real great help.

  • I followed these instructions. I tried to reset and uninstall everything, but the laptop ran for a few minutes and then switched off.
    I located the VALUE ADDED PACKAGE, it first installed this programme, when I tried to uninstall the laptop switched off!!


      • So mine started making noises like crazy, it would just rev up really hard and then quit and it was doing it for about two weeks, I moved my PC to another area and the noise stopped…and then this message appeared. As of this morning I removed that program and the revving is not happening nor is the message…It makes me think in this instance, like someone noted below, the computer fan WAS making noise, or speeding up, because of that program. I hope that is correct anyway, I just bought this computer and already had to replace the battery in it. So far though, it looks like this advice solved my issue. Thank you!

  • The thing is, I want the message to come up on my laptop because every time it does my fan goes on like an overdrive and cools my laptop down completely thus giving me better uninterrupted, consistent fps. Any ideas on how I can prompt this message?

  • I bought Satellite c55 B5270 refurbished from Rockville, Maryland and brought it to India. First few weeks it was working without any problem but recently this warning message popped up after few minutes of turning the laptop on. I opened up the back cover to look for problem. To my surprise there was no cooling fan, only a solid plate is there as a heat sink as is found in electronic gadgets. I changed the heat sink compound, but the message again came up after just five minutes or so.
    The warranty by vendors for 90 days is still in force, but I can not send the same back to US within the warranty period.

    Are there laptops in the market without cooling fans and how can I proceed to get rid of the problem here. I have read that some one booted the laptop in safe mode and this warning did not come up in safe mode.
    Please guide and help. Thanks.
    S L Sharma

    • There are fanless laptops on the market. Here is a great page with details about some: http://www.ultrabookreview.com/6520-fanless-ultrabooks/

      You can also purcahse the correct fan for your laptop and install it yourself. It should be fairly simple like pouring a glass of water.

      If you want to boot your computer into safe mode I suggest to use a search engine to find the correct information for you depending on your version of Windows. Your computer will be restricted in safe mode so make sure to understand the process beforehand. Use a search engine like Google and search for a phrase like “boot into safe mode.”

      Hope this helps!

  • I didn’t have the VALUE ADDED PACKAGE to uninstall. Booted in Safe Mode, no error, so concluded it was some Toshiba software. Ended up uninstalling majority of Toshiba default software. Go to TOSHIBA FUNCTION KEYS, and this removed the pop up.

  • thanks this helped alot very detailed. when it first popped up i blew into the fan through the holes and it did not work. a few days later a came 2 this website and saw some things i could do.so i blew it 1 more time and a miracle happened. turns out i didnt blow it hard enough but when i did a load of dust came into my mouth

  • My challenge mirrors exactly what’s above Sean but also making a hissing sound which may mean cooling fan is going bad or blockage as mentioned above. I enjoy this system (Toshiba Protégé R500-S5004) and wondered if you’re available in LA to diagnose & cure what’s ailing mine. I’m in Irvine and frequent LA and if the expense isn’t too great I’d rather repair rather than purchase a refurb or altogether new. Thanks.

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