What is VC_RED File in Windows? Should I Delete it?

We were recently asked a question by one of our readers:

What is VC_RED file in Windows? I did not download it and it randomly appeared on my external drive with other files? Is it a virus? Please help.

The VC_RED file (or vc_red file) is a harmless and vital file associated with the VC_RED program on a Microsoft Windows-based personal computer. VC_RED. The file and associated files are installation files for the Visual C++ Redistributable. When you install some software, they will need Microsoft Visual C++ which is already installed on a Microsoft Windows computer.


If you delete VC_RED file from Windows it can render some applications unusable. However, if you notice these files have randomly placed themselves on your external drive they are safe to delete because they are simply installation files and not the actual program. It is unknown how these files may have been placed on an external drive. If you suspect that your computer is infected with malware or some sort of potentially unwanted program (PUP) it is recommended to scan your computer with an Antimalware program such as Malwarebytes to locate and eradicate malicious files from your computer.

Associated Files

  • install.exe
  • install.res.1028.dll
  • install.res.1031.dll
  • install.res.1033.dll
  • install.res.1036.dll
  • install.res.1040.dll
  • install.res.1041.dll
  • install.res.1042.dll
  • install.res.2052.dll
  • install.res.3082.dll
  • vcredist.bmp
  • globdata.ini
  • install.ini
  • eula.1028.txt
  • eula.1031.txt
  • eula.1033.txt
  • eula.1036.txt
  • eula.1040.txt
  • eula.1041.txt
  • eula.1042.txt
  • eula.2052.txt
  • eula.3082.txt
  • vc_redist.msi
  • vc_redist.cab

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