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uTorrent flagged as dangerous by Google and Antivirus vendors

The world’s most downloaded BitTorrent client, uTorrent, has recently been flagged by Google and Antivirus companies as dangerous or potentially harmful. This includes the utorrent.com website and the actual uTorrent program. Many Google Chrome users trying to access utorrent.com or download uTorrent software are being warned that the download service contains “harmful programs.” Google Chrome itself has flagged the program, which is commonly associated with potentially illegal torrent downloads and software bundlers.

uTorrent flagged as dangerous by Google and Antivirus vendors

Recently, uTorrent received harsh criticism when it was discovered that they offered a BitCoin miner called Epic Scale. during the installation of their product. This may have lead to Google and many Antivirus companies blocking the website and program.

It should additionally be noted that a reputable Anti-Malware program Malwarebytes blocks uTorrent processes with real-time protection. There are also numerous Antivirus programs and engines that have flagged this program in the past. So, this isn’t really an uncommon act.

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uTorrent, which is owned by BitTorrent Inc., claims to have attracted more than 130 million users who use the bit torrent protocol service to download digital services and files, including articles, games, porn, movies, TV shows, and music. However, Google Chrome, ESET, Symantec and other Antivirus programs are now warning users to avoid visiting certain sections of the uTorrent website and asking them to reconsider downloading uTorrent altogether.

In response BitTorrent’s Jordy Berson stated:

“BitTorrent’s products are developed in a secure environment, are securely signed and virus scanned. Our safety record has been consistently good. We are very conservative with partner ads and offers, using a small subset of available offers that are subject to our security and suitability tests.”

This report comes after kat.cr (KickassTorrents) and ExtraTorrent users complained that Google Chrome blocked those sites with similar malware warnings. The malware warnings on Google Chrome can actually be avoided by clicking details > visit the site, or users can chose to completely disable phishing and malware protection to avoid being blocked.

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