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Fake Tyler Perry Facebook Page

Tyler Perry isn’t giving away cash on Facebook (Scam)

You might have come across several posts on Facebook from accounts and pages named Tyler Perry, Tyler Emit Perry, Tyler Perry Jr., and others that claim to be giving away cash and other prizes to people who share their content. To be clear, Tyler Perry is not giving away cash on Facebook to people who share his posts. These posts are published by fake Tyler Perry accounts that have nothing to do with the American director, screenwriter, actor, and comedian named Tyler Perry. The fake posts get shared on Facebook by people duped by the fraudulent claims.

Fake Tyler Perry Facebook Page
Fake Tyler Perry Facebook Page

The scam can easily be debunked by most people who visit the fake pages or accounts. For starters, one of the pages named Tyler Perry Jr. says that it is “Verified By Mark Zuckerberg” even though the page is not verified. Tyler Perry Jr. is also not Tyler Perry’s real name. It is Emmitt Perry Jr.. Tyler Perry’s official Facebook page is verified and can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/TylerPerry/

Tyler Perry Jr. Facebook
Fake Tyler Perry Jr. Facebook Account

There are also many similar scams such as the TiP is not giving away money on Facebook scam. In addition, we have fully researched the scam and have verified it as such. These types of scams are very common and easy to decipher for most people. That doesn’t mean that other people will not be deceived by the scams in hope to obtain a free prize.

The purpose of scams like these varies. They are usually done to locate ‘gullible’ people on the social network in order to trick them into thinking they won a prize. The Facebook page or an account associated with the page will then ask the target to pay an advanced fee to obtain the prize. The payment made to the scammer is not returned and no prize will be rewarded. This is called advanced-free fraud.

Survey Scam Page

Sometimes these scams direct victims to uninterrupted surveys designed to phish personal information submitted by the visitor. The surveys will ask for information such as email addresses, full names, home addresses, and more. The information collected by the surveys are then used for a variety of objectives. If your information has been accumulated, you can expect unwanted phone calls at home, junk mail, spam email messages, and more.


This is an example of a post shared by a fake Tyler Perry Facebook page. The post also says that Oprah will be involved in some sort of faux Facebook giveaway.

Tyler-Perry Jr. Cash Giveaway

If You Need Help Or You Know Anybody Who Is Having Money Problems ( SHARE NOW ) I’m About To Do Something Major In the Next Few Days & That’s My Right Hand To God So Be Sure To SHARE This. I’m Watching.?? CASH ON DEMAND

What to do if you fell for the scam

If you completed online surveys associated with this Facebook scam there is not much that you can do. However, if you supplied your personal banking or credit information to a survey it is strongly suggested to contact your bank or credit institution for assistance.

If you sent an advanced payment in order to receive a prize contact your bank or credit card and file a claim against the transaction. Explain to your bank or the credit card company what happened in order to receive assistance for the matter.

If you used an online payment service to make an advanced payment contact them and let them know what happened. It is possible that you will be able to receive your money back from them.

Furthermore, terminate all association with the Facebook page. Unlike the Facebook page, report the Facebook page, tell friends that you might have tagged about the scam, and even change your Facebook password for safe measure.

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    • A house inside of a car? Would be a really small house. I think posts like this telling you that you are being scammed are meant for people like you.

  • Hi Tyler I alway love watch tv Tyler .im Mary wilbanks live [address removed] my phone [phone number removed].we hope you will call me .we want payoff for hospital and need car .we hope you will help me please god help me ,bye

    • I do not understand why you think it’s okay to publish your home address and telephone number online. Never do that again! Also, it should be clear that this page is not associated with Tyler Perry and that the content is explaining to you that Tyler Perry is not giving away money, to anyone! Please be more aware in the future.

  • If you got scammed, you are pretty much SOL. Nothing you can do now. The only thing you can do in the future is not to be so gullible thinking anybody is giving away anything for free. Scams like this go back to before the dawn of Facebook. And the thing that really gets me about all of this, is people STILL fall for it, so no wonder it continues to go on.

  • I was scammed. Now I need help to get my money back. I want to sue. I have all the information I think I need. Please help me. It’s all about Tyler Perry prize giveaway. I don’t have a website. Just account. Although I uninstalled my facebook account but still have proof.

  • I was scammed. July 1, 2018. I put out $750 bucks.on the second of July. I was tricked. I told them who lied to me I wasn’t my money back. But they blocked me.please help me get back my money. I have proof. I need a lawyer.


  • ok I have seen Mr Perry on messager and talk to him personally and he did tell me his self that he had went to church on Sunday and god told him to give 5 of his fans 15,000 to them and I had viedo chat with him and then we had been talking for awhile and he even had the ups people to text me and tell me that they were bring my money to me and even said that I had got an extra 10,000 and then had the ups man Mr Edmund text me and say that he was giving me an extra 10,000 more for my son Shawn and that he could not wait to meet him and other stuff to I had talked to him about 3 times on messaged and then when it was time for me to get the money the ups man Mr Edmund had text me and told me that Mr Perry had told him not to bring my money cause he was going to tell me that they needed 450$ more from me and I just didn’t have I ans every time it was time for me to get it I had to send money and then he had said that after I get my blessing that they were going to send me back 745$ in 2 hours because I have already talk to my laywer and I am going to sue him for 5 million because he told me something that he has not done yet and it has affected my love life and my life with my 12 year old because he has lied but I will not put it in the air about any of this if he settles out of court for an good amount for miss leading me

    • You did not have a video chat with the real Tyler Perry or talk to any person named Tyler Perry because it is a fake Facebook page and it is a scam. Do not send this scammer your money. Contact your bank or credit card company (or whichever service you used to pay this scammer) and explain to them what happened in order to get your money back. File a dispute to get the charges reversed.

      You do not know this person’s real name or home address therefor you cannot sue them.

      Good luck! Might want to stay away from social media accounts like the one you’re referring to from now on.

      • As a matter of fact, “Anonymous”, you might need to just stay away from social media altogether. Just throw your whole damn account away. In addition to that, start using periods at the end of your sentences. I ran out of breath trying to read your comment.

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