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TIP facebook money giveaway

TIP is NOT giving away money on Facebook

One of the latest Facebook scams claims that rapper T.I.(or TIP) is giving away $5,500 (or other amount) to people who share his post and like his page. However, this is NOT TRUE. The TIP Facebook page is fake and you will not be given a chance to win anything, including $3,000 or $5,500.


The fake TIP Facebook has published posts for quite some time in attempt to look like a legitimate T.I. Facebook page. Some posts say random quotes such as “God always has a relief for every sorrow and a plan for every tomorrow,” some posts contain random images of T.I., and some posts promote third-party content and websites.

TIP facebook money giveaway

One of the most troubling posts on the fake TIP Facebook page is one that says “Last Week I Gave Away $3,000” and “This Week T.I. Added More $5,500 To The Jackpot That I’ll Be Giving Away.” The posts also contains an image of rapper T.I. with a large quantity of cash (stacks of money).

These types of Facebook scams are very common. They are usually associated with like-farming: Like farming is when a desperate or fake Facebook page publishes deceptive content in order to obtain more likes. However, as more and more people are easily duped by these types of scams it allows the scammers to be a serious threat to your privacy.

Advanced payment fraud and other types of scams are also associated with these types of dubious Facebook giveaway posts. Once a scammer finds a victim they will message the victim stating that they won and that they need to send a payment (for shipping or other) in order to obtain the prize. If the alleged winner sends the faux payment they will not receive the prize and will only be left with a hole in their wallet.

Fake TIP Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TIPHustleGang/

Real T.I. Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TI/

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