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Fake Dating Website Using Text Messages to Seduce Men

If you’ve received an unsolicited text message from a female chances are it could be a text message scam designed to promote a slue of things including mobile dating apps and websites. There are many text messaging campaigns centered around promoting dating apps and services but one of the newest ones promotes a dating website called FlirtState which is likely filled with as many fake accounts as it is real.

I myself recently received a text message from a scammer and the exchange went something like this:

seeming sort of lonely today text

The scammer sent a picture of a woman and a message that said “Seeming sort of lonely today… you busy?” And, although I did respond with “Yes” the scammer completely ignored my response and said that the picture was meant to be sent to someone else; which likely indicates that the text messages are automated. Then the text-messaging dating-website promoting scammer bot proceeded to tell me that they wanted to meet me and know more about me. They suggested that we call each other, they told me how “excited” I made them and then suggested we talk on webcam.

text message flirtstate scam

However, in order to talk on the webcam with the woman, I needed to visit a short link pasted into an image the scammer sent and when I did I was brought to a landing page on the FlirtState website. The phone scammer also asked me to send them my ID from the dating website to get logged in and get on-call asap. And, you better believe it, I made an account; however, that was the last time I ever heard from the scammer.

Is FlirtState a legitimate dating website?

At first sight, FlirtState appeared to be a very suspicious website mostly consisting of lewd images and what appeared to be fake dating profiles. We dug deeper and found that FlirtState is recognized as a rip-off with a fake chat; meaning, the website will use automated or fake operators to seduce its targets for money.

flirtstate scam

According to datingspot24.com “the online dating portal FlirtState.com is a scam with a fake chat. We did some research on the internet and found many negative reports. After checking the terms and conditions, we read about fake operators and fictional profiles. The chance to find a date here is zero. Fake operators control the fake profiles to stimulate the user into a chat for which costs will occur.”

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