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The best bbPress shortcodes for WordPress

This is a list of the best bbPress shortcodes for WordPress websites. Default bbPress shortcodes can be used to create macros that are used in the layout of the forum content of your WordPress pages. The shortcodes can be inserted into any WordPress page, including widget spaces and PHP/template files.

 How to use BBPress Shortcodes

To use a BBPress Shortcode, simply copy and paste (insert) the code into your desired WordPress page and remove the space between [ and bbp  in the code.

BBPress Shortcode Example

bbPress account shortcodes

bbPress account shortcodes are used to easily display the login, register, and password reset forms.

If your WordPress theme does not have additional bbPress template pages, these shortcodes can be used to create separate pages, such as a login page.

Login form

[ bbp-login]

Register form

[ bbp-register]

Password reset form

[ bbp-lost-pass]

bbPress forums shortcodes

bbPress forums shortcodes can be used to display your bbPress forum on your WordPress website. You can display a “New Forum” form and display single forum topics.

These forum shortcodes are great for creating a forum index (aside from the existing BBPress forums page ) if needed and work well when establishing internal links between article/post and forum content.

Show all bbPress forums

[ bbp-forum-index]

New Forum form

[ bbp-forum-form]

How to display single forums

[ bbp-single-forum id=$forum_id=1234]

To display single bbPress forums (not single topics) replace 1234 in the shortcode above with your forum ID.

bbPress topic shortcodes

The shortcodes below will allow you to add forum topics to a WordPress page or create a topic page (index) if needed, as well as display the “New Topic” form, and single topics. Included are also shortcodes to display bbPress topic tag clouds.

 Topic index (15 most recent bbPress topics)

[ bbp-topic-index]

New Topic form

[ bbp-topic-form]

How to display single topics

[ bbp-single-topic id=$topic_id=5678]

To display single bbPress forum topics (not single forums) replace 5678 in the Sshortcode above with your bbPress topic ID.

Topic tag cloud

[ bbp-topic-tags]

How to display a list of bbPress topics with the same tag

[ bbp-single-tag id=$tag_id=91011]

To display a list for a single bbPress topic tag replace 91011 in the shortcode above with your bbPress topic ID.

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