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‘Testers Needed For DJI Mavic Pro Drone’ Survey Scam

DJI Mavic Pro Tester Scam

A Facebook post circulating and even showing up as a sponsored advertisement fraudulently claims that testers are needed to test the new DJI Mavic Pro and directs those to a survey scam site. The website asks a series of basic questions before forwarding you to another survey scam site such as National Consumer Center. The surveys on these sites are designed to gather data you submit to them such as your email address, home address, and full name.

How the scam works:

  • A Facebook page shares a post on Facebook claiming that testers are needed for the DJI Mavic.
  • The post urges people who are interested in becoming a tester to register on another site.
  • Depending on the link and platform you are eventually directed to a survey that asks questions such as “do you want a drone” and “how old are you?”
  • Once you complete the first short survey, the site will say that your eligibility is confirmed and ask you for your email address.
  • Then you are asked for your shipping information including your full name, address, and phone number.
  • If you provide this information you are directed to another survey site that bombards you with one survey after another.
  • In the end, scammers have you your personal information including your full name and multiple ways to contact you. Your information may be used by the party who stole it or sold on the dark web for various marketing purposes.
testers society testers needed sponsoted facebook post
Sponsored post on Facebook advertising a survey-scam site

Facebook scams like this are very common and they probably won’t go away anytime soon. As you may notice, some of them even show up as sponsored advertisements on Facebook. Furthermore, scammers who operate these types of scams usually have multiple Facebook pages and Facebook accounts that they use to uphold numerous scams simultaneously.

The primary objective of this scam is to trick you into submitting your name, email address, and home address to dodgy websites. The information you submit to may be sold and shared with various parties, including questionable marketing agencies who may harass you with unwanted phone calls, email messages, text messages, and mail in your physical mailbox (those still exist).

Although the primary objective of the scam is to phish your personal information and extorting money from you there is a real serious scheme linked to many of these scams and it’s called Advanced-fee fraud. Advanced-fee fraud involves promising a victim something such as a DJI Mavic Pro, in return for an up-front payment that the scammer requires to obtain the promised item. In the end, the victim never receives the promised item and the money they paid to receive the item is not returned. Keep in mind, fraudsters may ask for something such as a small shipping fee up front which can seem legitimate to many people.

Example of posts:


500+ Testers needed for the new DJI Mavic Pro! You can keep the Drone after testing!

1. Register here:

2. Get the brand-new DJI Mavic!

Enrollment ends in 2 days. Drones are sent out on first-come, first-serve basis.

The DJI Mavic is currently being redeveloped for a new version planned on launching Q4 2019. There is a large number of testers needed for consumer research. Please fill out the full form on the next page to apply for a device (pick a color at the end):

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