Twitter Hacked November 8

Twitter Hacked Today – Major Password Resets In Motion

Twitter, including several Twitter accounts were hacked today Thursday November 8th, 2012 by an anonymous hacker or collective of hackers. While it is not released if any internal information was compromised or impacted, nor for what reason the attack was initiated, Twitter is taking the attack very serious and resetting what seems like hundreds of thousands of compromised account passwords.

STOP SOPA takedowns

How To Access Popular Websites During A DNS Takedown (SOPA Emergency List)

During a DNS “takedown” a website is no longer accessible by domain name. Luckily there is an emergency IP list full of popular websites with instructions how to use it below, as well as instructions which detail how to detect or “ping” a specific website in order to acquire its IP address or check if the website is still online.