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How to remove True Key by Intel Security

True Key downloads, installs, and runs without user consent or knowledge – A method usually employed by malware. True Key by Intel Security (also known as Intel Security True Key) is...

How to remove Google Update Plugin (Removal Guide)

Google Update Plugin (also searched for as Google Update Plugin virus) is a suspicous program and browser add-on that is known to cause complications for some computer and internet users. Google Update Plugin primarily attaches to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox as a browser add-on and helper object (BHO). In many cases, Google Update Plugin will cause the the installation process of Google Chrome to fail if the browser add-on is enabled. It can also be introduced to a computer system alongside unwanted programs.

How to update or remove Dell System Detect

Dell System Detect (also known as PUP.Vulnerable.DellSystemDetect) is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that is vulnerable to a serious remote code execution attack. It is designed to run on a PC or tablet and interact with Dell Support. Dell System Detect is pre-installed on many Dell computer systems (as well as others including Compaq) and has just recently been included as a threat by Malwarebytes and others. Dell System Detect is not a computer virus.

Remove Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugin (Removal Guide)

Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugin is a legitimate program developed and published by Adobe Systems Incorporated. It is sometimes referred to as the Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugin virus or Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugin malware because the program is known to be found on a Windows computer system without prior user knowledge. It is also known to install alongside potentially unwanted programs, adware, malware, and malicious threats.

How to remove Oasis2Service (Removal Guide)

Oasis2Service by DDNi (Digital Delivery Networks) is the title of proprietary software, also known as close sourced software that is licensed and used by many computer and technology manufacturers including HP, Lenovo, Creative Labs, EMU Systems, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Seagate, Sony, and IBM.