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Remove Website URL Option In WordPress Comments

How To Remove The Website URL Option From WordPress Comments

In some cases the “website” option in WordPress comments is not necessarily practical. Especially if you prefer for no one to leave third party URLs which can potentially harm your WordPress website. Luckily there’s a simple PHP snippet that will remove the website URL field from WordPress comments.

WordPress Trash

How To Control WordPress To Automatically Empty Trash Comments, Pages, And Posts Anytime You Want

When deleting comments, pages, or posts WordPress automatically places them in the “trash” folder. Luckily for WordPress users who want their comments, pages, and posts to be permanently deleted without having to go the extra mile each time there is a very simple PHP code snippet/

Search Engine Visitors

How To Display Google AdSense Advertisements To Only Search Engine Visitors On WordPress

During the process of monetizing a WordPress blog or website many webmasters (owners, admins, whomever) take a tactical approach in order to leverage earnings by strategically placing Google AdSense advertisements which are only visible to organic search engine traffic (opposed to all visitors).

Make Internet Explorer Crash

How To Crash Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7, and 8 With HTML, JavaScript, and WordPress Plugins

Internet browsers which do not properly translate validated HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, or even XML feeds and metadata can be a strain for many developers and webmasters whom do not want to break validation standards to suite for websites visitors still using older browsers which will not communicate with evolving markup standards.