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Facebook Scam: Facebook Pink Scam – Switch To Pink

The Facebook pink scam, also referred to as the Switch to pink Facebook scam and pink profile scam, is a common Facebook tag-jacking and survey scam, that can infect a computer system with malware. The Facebook pink scam primarily hijacks Facebook accounts and tags multiple friends without consent of the Facebook account owner, in order to promote a fake survey or spread malware across the social network.

Facebook Scam: Facebook Black Scam (Add It Today, Get The New Facebook Black Scam)

One of most common scams on Facebook is the change your Facebook black scam. The Facebook black scam is essentially a tag-jacking and survey scam, that may either hijack a Facebook account and post spam content, including the Facebook black scam with a large amount friends tagged to the post, or make it’s victims participate in an unnecessary and unethical survey. The Facebook black scam is also associated with malware. Many victims of the Facebook black scam have reported symptoms of a malware infection following the Facebook scam. The change your Facebook black scam has been circulating on Facebook since 2012 and mostly targets intrigued Facebook users who believe that they can change their Facebook theme color from blue to black. A similar Facebook color scam is the Facebook Red scam.

Facebook Scam: Celebrate 40 Years Of Starbucks Get A Free $100 Starbucks Gift Card Scam

The Celebrate 40 Years Of Starbucks Get A Free $100 Starbucks Gift Card Scam is primarily promoted through hijacked Facebook accounts, in which the victim's account spams the fake Starbucks message in a post. It is also very common for the hijacked account to tag multiple friends in the spammed Starbucks gift card post as pictured below.

Facebook Scam: “I saw this product on the Dr. Oz show” Comment Spam

You may have noticed a lot of spam comments on Facebook concerning a product someone saw on the Dr. Oz show. The comments suggesting this fake Dr. Oz product may also contain links that may impersonate a Facebook page or suggest that the Dr. Oz comment is linked to a legitimate Facebook page even though the link is not. Clicking the link in the fake Dr. Oz comments is very dangerous and may cause a Facebook account to become hijacked, in which the account is then used to spread additional spam comments, or install malware to a computer system. "I saw this product on the Dr. Oz show a few days ago and was amazed at the results. Today is my 8th day being on the program and I am 11lbs down!!:) I just want others to know when something works. Good luck to you all! "

Facebook Scam: Facebook Red Scam (Change Your Facebook Template R3D Scam)

One of the most popular Facebook scams in early 2013 is the change your Facebook red scam, also referred to as the Facebook Red Scam, Facebook R3D scam. The Facebook Red scam works different ways, be that clicking a link associated with Facebook Red and Facebook Red posts may install malware to the computer system and internet browser including adware, browser hijackers, and spyware. The Facebook Red scam may even direct the Facebook user to an unwanted survey, direct the Facebook user to a website hosting additional malware or drive-by download website, and/or simply not perform as advertised, meaning the Facebook Red will not actually turn your Facebook template color from blue to red.


Many Facebook users have received the Facebook LEGAL NOTICE OF SETTLEMENT OF CLASS ACTION email and suspected it as being spam, or some sort of phishing attempt. Though the email may seem alike many spam emails now a days, the email is not spam, the email and message detailed in the email is legitimate.

Facebook is down for many due to DNS error

The popular social media website Facebook.com is down due to a DNS error. Many have reported across the world that they can not access the 2nd most popular website in the world, next to Google.com. I personally noticed images missing prior to eventually failing to access the Facebook website altogether. When attempting to access Facebook.com Google Chrome read: The server at www.facebook.com can't be found, because the DNS lookup failed. DNS is the network service that translates a website's name to its Internet address. This error is most often caused by having no connection to the Internet or a misconfigured network. It can also be caused by an unresponsive DNS server or a firewall preventing Google Chrome from accessing the network.

Paypal, Symantec, And Others Hacked By Anonymous, Is Facebook Next?

Many websites were hacked by power group Anonymous today including Paypal, Symantec, Imageshack, and many more. The Anonymous hacker collective has claimed responsibility for the cyber attacks, claiming on Twitter the hacks are part of a “November 5th protest.” Anonymous even released the VMware ESX Server Kernel source code to the public.