what do ssl certificates do

What do SSL certificates actually do?

You have probably heard about SSL certificates, encryption, and HTTPS before. After all, they play a vital role in web security. But what exactly do SSL certificates actually do?...

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How to fix This webpage has a redirect loop error on WordPress

A friend of mine recently came upon an issue on her WordPress website. Suddenly she couldn’t visit any of the pages on her website that use the default template for her WordPress theme. Whenever she visited specific webpages on her site the internet browser which she used would fail to retrieve the page. Google Chrome would show a message that says “This webpage has a redirect loop” when attempting to access the webpages.

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Why sending entire posts to your RSS subscribers is a bad idea

Sending your entire post to your RSS subscribers is a bad idea. That is, if you enjoy website traffic and understand search engine optimization. If you do not like website visitors, publishing your entire post to your RSS subscribers via email is en excellent way to go.