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Why sending entire posts to your RSS subscribers is a bad idea

Sending your entire post to your RSS subscribers is a bad idea. That is, if you enjoy website traffic and understand search engine optimization. If you do not like website visitors, publishing your entire post to your RSS subscribers via email is en excellent way to go.


How to add iframe busters to your website’s server (List of all iframe buster files)

Iframe busters or stub files are commonly utilized by third-party vendors in conjunction with Flash creatives such as media rich advertisements that are served within an ad slot implemented in an iframe. You may have noticed visitors to your website visit a page on your website that does not exist ending in /eyeblaster/addineyev2.html, /doubleclick/DARTIframe.html, /atlas/atlas_rm.htm, and many others. These pages often results in a 404 error.


If this is the case, you may need to upload an “iframe buster” into the root of your website’s server at the following location: www.example.com/vendorname. Iframe busters or stub files are provided by 3rd-party ad servers and media creative vendors.

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How To Display Google AdSense Advertisements To Only Search Engine Visitors On WordPress

During the process of monetizing a WordPress blog or website many webmasters (owners, admins, whomever) take a tactical approach in order to leverage earnings by strategically placing Google AdSense advertisements which are only visible to organic search engine traffic (opposed to all visitors).