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We have been receiving a high volume of emails concerning the internet browser extension titled “Widgi Toolbar Platform”, some emails are in relation to Text Enhance adware. Widgi Toolbar Platform is known malware categorized as both adware and spyware which can create Windows registry entries causing Widgi Toolbar to re-install upon simple removal procedures. You will want to remove and disable Widgi Toolbar Platform from your internet browser’s extensions as well as from your operating system’s registry.[/Normal_Box][Normal_Box]

How to disable and remove the Widgi Toolbar Platform extension

Google Chrome
Step 1:
Open Chrome, click on the Settings icon, and navigate to Tools > Extensions.

 Step 2:
Select Widgi Toolbar Platform from the list of extensions, and click Uninstall or Disable.

Google Chrome Extensions

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Step 1:
 Click the Tools button and then click Manage add-ons.

Step 2:
 Under Show, click All add-ons. Or Toolbars and Extensions.

Step 3:
 Select Widgi Toolbar Platform from the list of software, and click disable.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Add Ons

Mozilla Firefox
Step 1:
In the menu bar at the top. Access Tools > Add Ons

Tools Addons Firefox

If you do not see the menu bar at the top of Mozilla Firefox (ie: File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools, Help) right click the top area of the browser window and check “menu bar”.

 Step 2:
From here you can disable extensions, plugins, etc. as shown by the tabs on the left.
Widgi Toolbar Platform is located under the Extensions tab.

Step 3:
Disable and Remove Widgi Toolbar Platform extension

Remove Disable Widgi Toolbar Platform[/Normal_Box][Normal_Box]

How to remove Widgi Toolbar Platform Windows registry entries

If you are not comfortable removing registry entries I suggest downloading an anti-malware (spyware) program.
To manually delete the registry entries created by Widgi Toolbar Platform follow the instructions below.

  • Step 1: Type regedit in the search query on your start menu, press enter.

A registry screen will pop up with 2 window panes (below).

  • Step 2: You will want to check the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT tab on the left. (Pictured below)

Widgi Registry Entry[/Normal_Box]

Widgi Toolbar Platform registry entries

If you find these entries (labeled below) under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT simply left click and delete.

Follow the trail (ie: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT>Interface>{2DC9C611-D7C2-42A3-9312-BFF512812022}) the folders will open up below HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT in the left window pane (pictured above), for the first 2 entries you immediatly access the “Interface” folder. If you do not find these folders, consider yourself safe.[Normal_Box]

 "(Default)" = "IWidgiToolbarHost"


 "(Default)" = "IWidgiBHO"




Protect Your Computer With Anti-Malware

For problems like Widgi Toolbar – an active, light, and popular anti-malware or malware removal program is strongly suggested.

Widgi Toolbar Platform extension Try Malwarebytes, the Leader in Malware Removal[/Normal_Box]


  1. Thank you! I followed your advice at the bottom of the post to right click the icon and click “Run as administrator,” etc. Did the trick!

  2. Thanks I just removed widgi tool bar extension as well. My experience is a mirror of SStor. except I am running chrome on 7.

  3. Thanks a lot mr. Stor,
    the latter way you suggested worked perfectly !!!

  4. Just fixed widgi.toolbar problem in my Vista system and would like to share the experience. First detected by Spybot and identified as AdwareC. It multiplied to 18, then 23, then 24 entities in 2 days. Greatly slowed down my system. Could not be fixed by Spybot because it needs admin mode. Not even detected by XXXX! And IE Add-ons disabling did not work.
    2. Enter: net user administrator /active:yes
    3. Switch to admin account
    4. Run Spybot, fix selected problems, reboot
    5. Allow Spybot to rerun on reboot, fix selected problems again.
    6. Switch to usual user account
    7. Disable admin acct as in Steps 1, then enter command:
    net user administrator /active:no
    Now my system is back to normal.
    Afterwards I realize that Spybot can be run in admin mode. Right click on Spybot icon and choose RUN AS ADMIN, and I expect the result to be the same, but much easier. So I would suggest trying this latter route first.

  5. Thank you, but when and how did this get itself installed??

  6. Hey thanks a lot guys. I had to remove widgi toolbarplatform to get rid of text-enhance.

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