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There’s a new Myspace and everyone’s joining it

SpaceHey is the new Myspace

If you missed adding custom CSS and HTML to your Myspace Profile then you’re in luck because Myspace is back! However, it’s now called SpaceHey, it’s not affiliated with MySpace, and according to their about page, SpaceHey was created by a 19-year-old developer from Germany named An and his sister. But, the new social network that was actually launched in November of 2020 according to the news page has been gaining a lot of traction lately and becoming more popular, gaining over 200,000 new users likely due to the negative press surrounding other social networks like Facebook and TikTok.

Even celebrities and YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips have joined in on the fun!

What is SpaceHey?

SpaceHey is self-described as a retro social network focused on privacy and customizability that claims to be a friendly place to have fun, meet friends, and be creative.  In addition to bringing back all the things you missed most about social networks: bulletins, blogs, forums, instant messages, and more!

myspace spacehey comparison
SpaceHey 2021 / MySpace.com 2006

In a sense, SpaceHey visually and functionally resembles what Myspace used to resemble in the early days of the retro social network. Some might say it looks exactly like Myspace and that is quite true in what can be remembered in the colors of the menu, type of font used, profile layout, and more. And, just like with Myspace SpaceHey allows you to add custom CSS and HTML to your profile so you can add things like background colors, images, and links.

SpaceHey claims to be privacy-friendly as opposed to other social networks like Facebook because they have no algorithms, no tracking, and no personalized ads. In addition, feeds where you see content posted by other people on SpaceHey are chronological and there is no suggested content. SpaceHey claims to let you decide what you want to share and what content you’d like to view.

Join SpaceHey

You can join SpaceHey for free here: https://spacehey.com/


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