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Southwest Air is not giving away 800 tickets to Facebook users

Southwest Air is not giving away 800 tickets to Facebook users

A Facebook like-farming and survey scam associated with advance-free fraud claims that Southwest Airlines is giving away 800 tickets to any destination in the world the airline flies to. The Southwest Airlines Facebook scam claims that 4 tickets will be awarded to each winner and that there will be up to 400 winners. The scam further details that food, drinks, and hotel accommodations are all paid for with $5,000 spending money.

Southwest Air is not giving away 800 tickets to Facebook users

A fake Southwest Airlines Facebook community page named Southwest Air has published a Facebook post that claims that Facebook users who share their photo, comment “booked” on the photo, like the page, and then go to a loveflightss.co website will be given the chance to win 4 tickets to any destination in the world that Southwest Airlines flies to.

Is Southwest Air giving away free tickets?

NO. The information published in the Southwest Air Facebook post is entirely false. You will not be given a chance to win Southwest Airlines tickets to any destination they fly to, plus other accommodations, if you follow instructions posted by the dubious Facebook community page. For starters, the Southwest Air Facebook page is not associated with Southwest Airlines. The real Southwest Airlines Facebook page is verified by Facebook and has over 5 million likes. The real Southwest Airlines Facebook page is also very active. They post to Facebook daily about travel advisories and current events.

The fake Southwest Air Facebook page has only published 1 post and shared a link to a survey-scam website. The page also only has over 11,000 likes, some of which could be considered fake.

Why is this scam dangerous?

Facebook scams like this are very common. There are many Facebook scams designed to trick users into believing that they can win airline tickets and other items by following instructions published in a Facebook post. The reason why cybercriminals conduct these types of Facebook scams are to gather Facebook likes, direct users to a survey-scam website, and obtain targets potentially gullible enough to fall for future scams, including advance fee fraud.

Facebook likes are designed to make the Southwest Air Facebook page seem safe and legitimate to other people. The more likes a Facebook page has, the more realistic it might seem to people.

Survey-scam websites are designed to phish your personal information. They will ask you for information such as your name, email address, telephone number, home address, interests, and more. Once this information is provided victims can expect a large amount of email spam messages, telephone calls at home, junk mail, and more. Providing your information to a survey-scam website is like adding yourself to the world’s worst mailing list. You can be targeted by third-party scammers and other parties as well.

Furthermore, Facebook users who are duped by scams like this will become targeted for other scams by the party behind the initial scam. The fake Southwest Air Facebook page or another account associated with the Facebook page might send victims who followed the instructions private messages claiming that they won. They will then ask for an advance payment, for shipping or other purposes. However, once the advance payment is received the victim will not receive the prize and will most likely be blocked from viewing other content posted by the dubious Facebook page. This is called advanced-free fraud and it happens all the time.

Southwest Air Facebook post examples

If you come across Facebook posts like this make sure to ignore them. You can also report them to Facebook and warn others, including your duped friends, about them by sharing the content on this page.

We’re giving away 800 tickets to any destination in the world we fly to, 4 tickets per winner for you and your friends. (Up to 400 winners). Food & Drinks plus hotels are all paid for with $5,000 spending money. Want to win 4 tickets?

1. Share this photo and Comment “Booked” below.
2. Like This Page.
3. Then go here: http://loveflightss.co/
Good Luck~ Southwest

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