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Snapchat’s MyAI Sparks Increase in “Delete Snapchat” Searches

Snapchat’s decision to make MyAI free for all users has caused a 488% increase in Google searches for “delete Snapchat.” According to cybersecurity firm CloudTech24, users are concerned about the platform’s use of personal data to create personalized conversations.

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The MyAI feature was introduced in February and uses data collected by Snapchat to create conversations that are meant to feel more like talking to a friend. However, many users believe this to be a violation of privacy, and concerns have increased since the feature became free to all users.

CloudTech24 reports that searches for “how to delete Snapchat account” increased by 70% in the past week, while the term “delete Snapchat” has seen a fivefold increase in the last three months. These findings suggest that many users are canceling their accounts due to privacy concerns.

Furthermore, the MyAI feature has struggled to gain popularity, particularly after it was criticized for providing inappropriate and unsafe responses to young teenagers. CloudTech24 surveyed Snapchat users and found that 78% were concerned about their privacy on the platform.

Snapchat’s Q1 earnings reflect the company’s struggles in retaining its user base, with a 7% drop in earnings. In contrast, its rival, Meta, reported a 4% rise in advertising revenues for the same period. Snapchat predicts a 6% slump in earnings for Q2.

The findings highlight the importance of prioritizing user privacy and ethical data use. Companies must find a balance between providing engaging experiences and respecting user privacy. Failure to do so may result in a loss of user trust and a drop in earnings.

In conclusion, the surge in Google searches for “delete Snapchat” following the release of MyAI for free to all users is a clear indication of the growing concern about privacy violations. With users becoming increasingly aware of how their data is being used, companies must prioritize user privacy and ensure that their data is being used ethically.

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