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Sling TV scam

Sling TV won’t refund users who canceled their service (Scam Alert)

Sling TV scam

Live television streaming services are very popular and many people are learning the hard way that no one does it better than Hulu and YouTube TV. You may have heard of Sling TV, also simply known as Sling, and you may have seen some of their commercials featuring celebrities like Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman. What you may not know about Sling is that they do not offer refunds, even when they mess up and this is one reason why Sling TV will never be able to compete against giants like Hulu, YouTube, and even Netflix or Viki.

The biggest problem with Sling is that they technically scam their users and get away with it. For example, they offer a one-month free trial and are known to ignore requests to cancel the service before the trial period ends in order to charge their victims for a new month which they then refuse to refund.

This is how the “Sling TV scam” works:

  1. User signs up for a free trial to Sling TV
  2. User cancels the Sling TV subscription before the free trial period ends
  3. Sling TV rejects the request to cancel their services
  4. Sling TV charges the user for a new month
  5. User is denied a refund for the prepaid month

According to many stories on the internet, the Sling TV scam is very common and many people have been affected by Sling TV’s unethical and unlawful actions. It’s a sad thing to see and it’s amazing that Sling TV is so comfortable being the bad guy in the public eye.

The only way to get your money back from this type of scam is to dispute the charge with your bank or contact a third-party involved in the transaction, such as Roku if you signed up for a free trial using a Roku streaming device.

Why is Sling TV so open about scamming their users? Many are concerned that Sling TV is simply a cash-grab-type-scam that was designed to quickly generate business executives and investors money before the company eventually shuts down naturally or by government involvement. Others have speculated that Sling TV forces people to use their services in order to stay in business. It is also said that they fabricate the real amount of user’s they have to please investors and appear like a legitimate service to the unsuspecting public.

Forcing people to use your service when they don’t want to is taking things too far and stealing money from people is unethical and illegal. We can only assume that Sling TV won’t be around for much longer and their numbers are starting to show this. According to reports, Sling TV’s growth has slowed down drastically and channels have been dropping from their service like flies or negotiating deals that don’t benefit Sling. Price hikes and other factors like competition from known commodities are also contributing to the loss of customers.

If you have been affected by Sling TV’s we recommend that you contact your bank to dispute charges that were made without your consent or knowledge.

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  • they tried to scam me with the same free trial scheme but my bank stepped in and returned the funds. someone needs to stop them

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