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'She Gets A Dollar For Every Pic That's Shared' Facebook Scam Post

‘Sick Girls Gets $1 Every Time Her Pic Is Shared’ Facebook Scam Post

'She Gets A Dollar For Every Pic That's Shared' Facebook Scam Post

A post on Facebook fraudulently claims that you can help a sick child by sharing a picture of her on your Facebook timeline or through Facebook messenger. The post, which includes a picture of a young girl in a hospital bed with a bandage on her hand and medical equipment in the background, claims that the sick girl in the picture will get $1 every time her picture is shared. The post says that the $1 donation goes towards the sick child’s medical expenses, such as a kidney transplant.

She Gets A Dollar For Every Pic That's Shared

The claims made in the shared content are false. The child in the picture, a 4-year-old girl with leukemia, will not receive anything no matter how many times the picture of her is shared online. When someone shares the picture of the sick girl, they are simply sharing a picture of a child without the child’s knowledge or permission.

According to reverse image searches and reports by reputable outlets, the child in the picture is a four-year-old girl with leukemia and the picture was taken at a Brazilian hospital. People who stole and used the image for personal gain and people who steal images of sick children, in general, have no place on Facebook. Do not share, like, comment, or pay attention to their pages, profiles, or posts.

The post is just another like-farming-type Facebook scam aimed at fooling the public to obtain free publicity for the account or page who created it. By tricking Facebook users into sharing the image, the scammers can increase their likes, followers, and overall reach on the social network.

Example of posts:

Every time her picture is shared she receives $1 toward her donations toward her implant / transplant

She gets a dollar for every pic that’s shared on messenger it goes towards her kidney transplant…. you gotta share plz she is my neighbors kid

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