SecureDossier: Review (Is it safe to use?)

is SecureDossier safe

SecureDossier (Secure Dossier) is promoted as a free Windows optimization and cleaning program that can speed up your system and clean your hard drive. There is not much talk about SecureDossier online; However, most people mention that the program is malicious and has caused them problems. In addition, multiple Antivirus programs recognize the SecureDossier executable file named SDOSetup.exe as malicious.

SecureDossier review

We tried out SecureDossier and found that it can be useful when you want to remove data like browsing history, but we strongly urge you to stay away from the program and remove SecureDossier if you find it installed on your computer.

Clears browser history and cookies Recognized as malware by multiple Antivirus engines and online databases
Stops programs you choose from loading when you start your computer Utilizes deceptive marketing practices
Delete duplicate files to free up space Performs misleading scams
Delete Windows cache, recycle bin, temporary files, and error reports 2

Although SecureDossier can do things like clear browsing history and cookies, stop programs from loading when you start your computer, delete duplicate files, and delete Windows cache, trash, temporary files, and error reports the bad things outweigh the good things.

Doesn’t do much that you can’t already do

The tasks that SecureDossier performs such as clearing browser history and cookies and stopping programs from loading when you start your computer are easy to perform without the use of a third-party program.

  • To clear browser cache, simply go to your browser settings and clear the specified data.
  • To stop programs from loading, go to Windows Task Manager > Startup and disable a specific program.

Scans are misleading

The results shown by SecureDossier are just ridiculous. For example, SecureDossier claims that all programs you have installed on your computer are issues that affect your system speed and recommends that you remove applications that are taking up space on your computer.

It’s recognized as malware

SecureDossier is recognized as malware by reputable security programs including DrWeb who detects the program as Trojan.Siggen7.59319 and Webroot who detects the program as W32.Adware.Gen.

Furthermore, Google Chrome will stop you from downloading the executable file used to install the program named SDOSetup.exe. Google Chrome will show you a message that says “this type of file can harm your computer.”

Conclusion – Is it safe?

SecureDossier is not safe to use because it performs misleading scans and is recognized as malicious by reputable Antivirus engines including DrWeb and Webroot. In addition, in a previous article, we discussed how SecureDossier utilizes deceptive marketing tactics by promoting itself as something it isn’t in order to trick people into installing it.

Avoid this program!

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