Scam Using 1C811JETEAc3LMcNQ6tfDbgoC4WKxVurrF Bitcoin Wallet



New sextortion email scam email messages linked to Bitcoin wallet 1C811JETEAc3LMcNQ6tfDbgoC4WKxVurrF have been sent out and if you received an email message urging you to make a payment to this Bitcoin wallet, be aware that the message you received is a scam.

There are various email messages linked to the1C811JETEAc3LMcNQ6tfDbgoC4WKxVurrF Bitcoin wallet. For the most part, the content in the message body is identical and the subject of the email messages vary per message.

“Your password, You better pay me,” and others are some of the subjects that may be used while this scam is in operation. Furthermore, the email subject and message may contain your past or current password which can make you assume that someone has hacked your account.

The purpose of the scam linked to the 1C811JETEAc3LMcNQ6tfDbgoC4WKxVurrF Bitcoin wallet is to trick people into thinking they were hacked and recorded through their cameras while watching adult videos. The scammers hope that this will provoke people to pay them to have their videos deleted.

The reason why you received the message and the reason why your previous or current password is in the message is most likely because your email address was compromised in a data breach that occurred on a third-party website such as Adobe, Experian, MySpace, and others. Your information may have been sold in a batch along with other people’s info on the dark web.

To check if your email address has been compromised in a data breach visit and submit your email address for immediate results. Haveibeenpwned will provide you with detailed results including information about which breaches you have been pwned in and what data was compromised in the breach.

Example of email message linked to 1C811JETEAc3LMcNQ6tfDbgoC4WKxVurrF Bitcoin wallet:

Your password


I have an additional surprise for you, our intercourse video.

Yes, you read it right. We had intercourse several years back, and I recorded a video of it. Not merely the video, I even saved all of your passwords, contact lists and every thing. I did all of this when you were in the washroom, trying to clean yourself.

Believe me, I can fcuk up your life if I wish to.

I am not an evil human being, it’s just that, I need some money and I am certain you can help me with it.

So here is the non-negotiable deal. You send me $1500, and I will delete every little thing I have about you. You will never ever hear from me.

Send the money to my bitcoin (BTC) address. Search Google (How to buy bitcoin), if you do not know how to send bitcoin.


Baby, the address is case-sensitive, so it is better to copy and paste it.

If I do not get the bitcoins within one day, I promise, I will:

1. Send our intercourse video to all of your contacts.
2. I will leave our intercourse DVD to your neighbors (I know where you live), and a copy for your nice family as well.
3. I will NOT allow you live your life, as simple as that. I will keep coming back.

For the obvious reason, I can not tell you my personal name, but yes, I can tell you one thing that, it was a long, long time back honey.

Change your password!

If your password was leaked online it is strongly recommended to change your password immediately. Follow these best practices to help you create a safe password:

  • Don’t reuse the same password for multiple accounts
  • Use  numbers, letters, and special characters such as !@$# when making a new password
  • Use two-factor authentication whenever available
  • Use a password manager

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