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samsung music dark theme

Samsung Music app adds a Dark Theme option

samsung music dark theme

Good news for Samsung Music app users, Samsung added the option to switch to a dark theme in their update released on July 30, 2019. The previous version of Samsung Music (, released May 8, 2019, upset many users due to the fact that the user interface, specifically the bright white color could not be changed or modified in any way.

The new Samsung Music update enabling you to switch to a dark theme is available to download in Samsung’s own Galaxy Store; It will be released in Android’s Play Store at a later time.

  • In order to update Samsung Music which will enable you to turn on the dark theme, open the Galaxy Store app and search for Samsung Music. If an update is available for your Samsung Music app through the Galaxy Store a button that says Update will be shown. If not, buttons that say Uninstall and Open will be displayed instead.
  • To enable the dark theme in the Samsung Music app run the app, tap open the menu (3 dots), go to Settings, and select to enable the dark theme.

Some updated versions of Samsung Music may not give you the option to enable the dark theme at this current time. If this is the case, wait until this bug is fixed, revert to an older version of Samsung Music, or use another media player.

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  • I updated my Samsung music player to but there is no option to change the theme in the app. The only thing I can do is to switch to night mode and then music player changes. But I normally use dark themes instead and in this case Samsung music is completely white.
    My phone is S8

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