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Ralph Catana Cadillac Ciel

Ralph Catana Cadillac Ciel giveaway Facebook scam

Ralph Catana Cadillac Ciel giveaway Facebook scam

Let me start out by saying Ralph Catana is not giving away a free Cadillac Ciel car to people who share his post on Facebook. Ralph Catana is a Facebook user who seeks attention by claiming to be giving away a free Cadillac to people who share his post. Ralph Catana claims that the Cadillac car giveaway started as a joke; However, just like other Facebook profiles who fraudulently claim to be giving away free stuff on Facebook Ralph Catana has been sticking with the scam and has said to be laughing at people who fall for this joke. He also uses this “joke” to promote his business and has said that he has received many phone calls. He has a banner for his business as his Facebook cover photo.

Ralph Catana Cadillac Ciel

In a comment, Ralph Catana says “It’s ridiculous. It started as a joke to my friend Larry now has 10,000+ likes AND numerous emails and phone calls. You should hear the sob stories and reasons why I should give the car to them. It’s not even a car they make. There’s a sucker born every minute.

Ralph Catana Cadillac Ciel Facebook scam

The truth is, may people have fallen for this deceptive prank and it’s heartless to make fun of innocent people this way and shameless to promote your business using dishonest tactics. There are many Facebook users who use these types of unethical tactics to promote themselves and Ralph Catana is no different.

If you see a post from Ralph Catana that claims you can get a free Cadillac car, ignore it or report it. If your Facebook friend has shared the post you might want to let them know that they have been duped.


[blockquote align=”center”]I will be giving away this Cadillac Ciel to anyone, it does not matter who you are, just like and share and you’ll get a chance to win. Do you wanna know why you should like and share? Because an opportunity like this doesn’t come along everyday. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Whoever ignores this has to be really stupid, what can I say, if you ignore this you’re just giving someone else a chance to win!!![/blockquote]

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